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I purchased a craftsman lawn mower form sears in May 2011. Since March of this year I have had to take it back to Sears for repair 3 times.

3 times in 7 months. They sent it to their repair shop (3 week round trip each time) and I get it back not working any better than it did before. I have asked for a replacement but they just want to keep "repairing" it.

They have had my mower for over 2 months total of the last 7 months. I do not recommend purchasing a Craftsman product of any kind as their quality and customers service is non existant

Monetary Loss: $250.

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I wish your story was uncommon yet for Sears it seems ALL To COMMON.

I took my electric Craftsman mower into the service center to be repaired. It was only 18 months old and was under a 2 year parts and labor warranty. I got a call from their service center employee today after I brought it in yesterday who starts the conversation by saying they no longer make this product and cant get parts (AFTER 18 MONTHS and its something Craftsman makes?). Then he proceeds to tell me that since they cant get parts they wont repair the unit and I can either come pick it up or they will destroy the mower for me.

I ask him how the mower credit will be applied since what I paid for had a warranty and if it will be credited toward another purchase. He said no as he will just mark it up as I must have done something to make the mower motor assembly break. That he will say it is not any defect so the warranty wouldnt apply and Sears was not responsible. The mower bolts holding the blade and motor housing together snapped while mowing. Luckily the blade did not hit me, as it dug into the ground or else it could have caused major injuries!

I asked him how I could have caused the bolts to snap? According to Sears Repair Center Rep it's not their problem and I need to come get my useless $250 Electric Craftsman Mower. Then he proceeds to tell me they have specials on new mowers and to talk with the manager to see if he might help me out finding as new one.

Sears Warranties are worthless!!!!!

Sears, this is the second time you have played this warranty game with me. The frst I blew off as a bad ordeal because it was a $50 item. NEVER Again though will I be ripped off by your company and i am reviewing what actions I will take to mitigate this issue. I also posted my ordeal earlier although the location came up wrong as to where this took place. Hey SearsCares, I realize your company locations profit from negating warranty claims and minimizing the loss to profits from pay outs yet this is ridiculous. You blame consumers and refuse to honor YOUR Warranties and that is a pathetic and immoral way of handling customer service.


I too have a mower from Sears. 7 monts old and it sits unusable because one of the spindles blew out.

Can't mow with it. I should have bought local not Sears.


I purchased a craftsman riding lawnmower in April of 2011. We used the lawnmower for two months before the end I summer.

Due to the extreme drought we used the mower for the first time and the mower stopped working in the middle of mowing. When sears came out to repair it we were told the transmission es completely out I the mower. This is a product that Should last more than two months and carries the craftsman name. I have recently researched this mower and this repair to find out this particular mower has had these issues and the replacement of the transmission will take place Rey often.

I have spoke to multiple representatives whom all refer me to sen a letter to a mail stop in Chicago. I see this as a way of blowin me off. I spent $1000.00 on this mower and expect the quality I paid for.

No one can make the decision to give me in store credit so I can purchase a rider with better reviews. Tired of the run arounds!!

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