Elmhurst, Illinois
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I have a set of stack-able Quiet Glide Craftsman Toolboxes. I had them for about a year and really only put them through light use. They sit in my utility room and store all my tools.

Well the other day I go to turn the key on the largest box and the lock assembly fell apart. The part the key inserts into came right off the box, and the rest fell inside the box. Now all my tools are locked inside the box with no way of opening it.

The store first said to bring the whole box in. Do you know how heavy that thing is full of tools? Then they say there is no warranty on the unit. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to get my tools out without completely destroying the box. Once I do that, I doubt I will be able to repair the lock.

Great stuff from a brand that is supposed to mean "quality" huh?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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We have problems with ours too. The rails that hold one of the draws completely fell off and the draw is not overloaded. This is why they don't have a long warranty if any on their boxes.


It's a simple *** lock. If you drill out the middle, the tongue will turn or fall off.


you expect them to send someone out there to fix it. cmon....

you know thats dumb the tool box has a waranty within 3 years.

call the service center brake the lock off and have them fix it. or you can sit on your computer *** and moaning about it here


I had ther samew thing happen. Tools now locked in box. Sears is clueless as to h9ow to fix it.


Had the exact same thing happen to me. Luckily was able to pull the broken piece out.

Called Sears and was told that a replacement is $11.95.

What a joke. I will be replacing the lock and moving fwd will buy all my stuff @ Costco!


Are you talking about the lock cylinder?

Would a locksmith help?

Unfortunetly it's true:most Craftsman tool boxes have little or no warranty.I think Waterloo Industries used to make them.I'd see if you can find out who the original manufacturer is and see if they can help.