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I recently bought a few taps to replace some from an older US made tap and die set that were missing. I didn't look at the label to see if US made, I should have so my fault on that.

The ones that I used didn't last through the first task before they wore out. I looked at the labels of other tools afterwards an you would be amazed how many of their alleged high quality tools are made in China. With the prices they charge, you would think that the stuff wouldn't be made in friggen China.

Look closely the next time you shop there. I would much prefer to pay that kind of price to keep and American employed!

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Bakersfield, California, United States #735305

I've been trying to tell people for years that Craftsman is now just Chinese trash, riding on what used to be a respectable name.

Sears is now making all of their older, made in USA tools "obsolete". Then.....

when you bring it in for repair, they say, "Gee... sorry.... we no longer make these....HOWEVER...... take this here made in China trash instead".

Sincerely.... I cut up my Sears card and convinced my parents to do the same.

Be aware. Be a very, wary bear.......


Shame on sears and their decision to make their tools in china. Craftsman was a sign of quality and respect but like the rest of corporate America theyve too sold out America and the American dream for ceo's and corporate greed.

So know this sears I will never spend one more cent on your china tools and I will return each and every one of the tools I've spent my hard earned American dollars on for a full refund. So by by sears may your greed cost you your jobs.


At this particular point in time Europe is decades ahead of the US. Europe is moving forward while the US moves backward.


I went to sears today to get a drop light and some ratchet wrenches. After looking at both items I saw that they were made in china so I left the store rather than taking a chance with more Chinese garbage. Craftsman is no longer a company that I respect.


Move to Europe is everything is so much better there. Unions paved the way for the working class!


Well if the lazy good for nothing unions were run out then prices and quality for American made would be about right. I refuse to buy anything that says made in America.

I know I'll just get ***.

I choose to buy products that are made in Europe. Better quality and price.

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