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Went to purchase a number of gifts at Sears and was told i had to enter a phone number to make a purchase. I told the sales associate that no phone number was needed for this purchase and 4 more times he tried to badger me into entering a phone number.

He than said that he had to do this because of his manager who was working next to him. When I addressed the manager and told her that she needed to instruct her employees that when a customer said there was no number needed for a purchase they needed to stop asking. The manager said she was offended and just stood there.

I told her I guess I would make my purchases at another store and left. With customer service like this no wonder they are almost out of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Sears Pros: Tools.

Sears Cons: Department manager and her direction to sales staff.

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Let's all guess how this will play out: Everything this person "bought" will be returned in the next week. All conveniently without receipts because they were "lost." Then they will sit and beg for a free handout in addition to an exchange. This is why I hate shopping at this time of the year.