Hello Mr. Rogers;

I am not sure why I am sending you a letter; I guess I am hoping to find someone in this company that actually cares about their customer. My husband and I bought a new home in December; I did all my research on the appliances that I would need for my home, my husband and I were split on where to actually buy these products, he was set against Sears whereas I said “Sears has been around for a long time, they have a satisfaction guarantee, as well as they service what they sell, (yes I bought into the commercial marketing.)

We bought our appliances from the Kennedy and 401 store , washer , dryer, fridge, stove, dishwasher, over the range microwave and bedroom furnishings; As well as some other home furnishing. Sears was willing to do a price match but the sales guy was the one that closed the deal he was very attentive and helpful and did several follow up call to us. So we decided even though the price was the same as Appliance Canada we would go with Sears. We liked him so much that even when we found out that he had given us a lower model washer and dryer than we wanted and that Appliance Canada had given us in our price match we still kept it.

Within the ninety day period we had a service call on our hood range microwave because the fan wasn’t working properly. Technician came in and said it was fine even though we insisted that there is no way the HIGH setting should be stronger than the TURBO setting and it didn’t work that way on the model we saw in the store, in any case complacency and life set in and we kept it.

Three months later the microwave completely died, it wouldn’t even turn on. We called in a service call June 27th. I explained the situation I said this is the second service call on this product it’s not even a year old. I really would like to have it replaced it’s obviously a defective product and I need to have a working fan as I am pregnant and there are a lot of food scents that makes me nausea I live in a new development that it still under construction so opening the windows are not an option due to the amount of dust and dirt that comes in the house.

The lady on the line promptly told me well it is past ninety days so we can’t replace it you have to get a technician to come out and fix it. The earliest she could send someone out was a week later. During that time period the left rear burner for my stove would not turn off (when you turn the dial to the off position the burner was still on). I called that in as well, I was told the earliest someone could come out and look at it, was another week, I said but I would consider this an emergency as this is a potentially dangerous situation, she told me to unplug the stove when it’s not in use. ‘Okay’ I said ‘I am pregnant, do you expect me to move this stove and climb behind it to plug and unplug it every time I need to use it. She said madam that’s the best we can do, I said how about you just replace it; her response sorry its past ninety days.

Luckily my husband was off for a couple of days, and after plugging and unplugging it several times over two days the burner I guess reset it self and could be turned off. I called again to tell them that it was now working, I said since this is such a dangerous issue as this could happen during the night while everyone is a sleep or while we are out could you please have someone come out and look at it anyways.

I was told sorry ma’am we would have to charge you as there is nothing wrong with the stove now. So that was cancelled. In the meantime I called several customer service reps to have my microwave replaced as it was only six months old and this was the second service call, all the answers I received were its past ninety days there is nothing we can do.

It would seem that the statement clearly printed on my receipt “Satisfaction guaranteed and if you are not satisfied after ninety days contact us.” After approximately a week and a half the technician came in to look at the microwave. It took me another week of calling the service line to find out what was wrong with the microwave and when would they come back to pick it up and fix it; and at this point they should replace my microwave.

Eventually the 1-800 numbers referred me to contact the store I bought it from, I left three messages for the managers no one returned my call, I was so frustrated I wanted to return everything I had bought from Sears, I called my sales rep he was not even interested in hearing my situation his first response was you need to speak to the manager.

I called the 1-800 number that represents the presidents office, spoke to three different customer service representatives all of whom promise to call me back, by the time I got the fourth one, because none of the previous ones called me back; she said nothing was in my file and there was nothing they could do as they only dealt with catalogue orders.

Finally someone called from servicing to say they will be out to pick up the microwave, I asked why it took so long her response was they didn’t know it hadn’t been picked up; my response was how could you not, I have been calling for a week since the technician came to look at it. Her response was still we didn’t know.

After another week of no response as to what was the status of the microwave. I called the corporate office downtown Toronto. I got a gentleman that listened to my problem and I got my first apology for the inconvenience, then he gave me the name of Lisa Miracle whom he thought would be able to help me. I left her a message it took her two days to have Karen return the call. The conversation with her was short, “they must be waiting for a part to come in to fix it, and sorry for the inconvenience I will send you a hundred dollar gift certificate”.

The whole issue is no one seem understand the importance of the over the range microwave to me, I am pregnant cooking smells make me nausea, Its hot and the construction in my area makes opening doors and windows a difficult option. Keep the money and send me a new microwave.

To shorten the details of rest of this disaster, the microwave was finally delivered August 2, 2007, it was filthy and the stainless steel cabinet was covered with scratches as they seem to have dragged it along the floor or something, so now the brand new stainless steel microwave that I spent almost $700 for on sale; I mounted over my stove right out of the box now looks like a piece for ***; I called that in once again to the very HELPFUL 1-800 service line and was told I will have to wait until Wednesday August 15th for a technician to come and look at it. He was surprise that they chose to fix the something converter as he thought they no longer did that. He did however declare it scratched and stated he will order a new cabinet for it. Now I sit and wait for the rest of this disaster to play out.

I have turned this issue over to my husband; the high blood pressure warning I have from my doctor is just not worth it. I have come to the conclusion that all this issue is my own fault; I chose to spend $13000 of my hard earned money at sears, and as such deserve what I got, I am awaiting the next bout of punishment; if it has taken sears over a month to fix a microwave what is going to happen when one of my major appliances is broken.

I will say this with the quality of service that sears offers and the amount of companies in this market that offers the same products I give your company maybe five years before you will have to start reorganizing and downsizing your stores; excellent customer service is one of the best ways to incite consumer loyalty, you are obviously lacking that quality.

And I will honesty say to get my own satisfaction for my own stupidity for buying from Sears I will do my best to contribute to sears decrease market share, by sharing my story with any and everyone that will listen; while on my maturity leave it is my promise to post my story on as many consumer news board as possible, as well as any mommy groups in which I am involved. I have already convinced both my sister in laws who have house closing in early 08 not to buy from sears and for the one that is getting married to do her bridal registry at the bay rather than sears. I am also arranging to have the sears card held by my Company to be cancelled. As I know the marketing formula that states a dissatisfied customer will share their story with at least 5 other people who in turn will share that story with 2 others. The cycle has begun and I am beginning to feel vindicated.

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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