sears is a really crappy place to work for. Now, if you get BAD customer service from sears on the phone, know it's because in this *** call centers, these pigs mostly hire rejects and idiots that seem like they come from the streets.

yeah, that weirdo you see walking up and down the streets- SEARS call centers will jump to hire that reject and fills its centers with incompetent *** retards like that. No joke, the people are so dumb, rude, pathetic and incompetent. worse, they hire tons of Hispanics, so now you have REALLY dumb rude people working there too. Also, in order to work for their call centers, the people have to be really fat, really ugly weird ***, retarded and basically every bad quality you can think of.

Yes, most of their associates, are seriously, really fat ugly dumb rude weird people. I don't think many people work at those places that aren't over 200lbs. So you have a bunch of hideous freaky looking people there, that are also REALLY mean and rude too. If you aren't ugly or weird like these weirdos, then you get bullied, and most normal decent people either quit really fast, or don't even work at that really *** place.

sears really sucks, and aside from rude weird and mean co-workers, the managers are idiots and many managers are kids, and can't even run the place right. they also like to reward all the ugly fat dumb people but with lots of recognition but don't reward good employees and people who actually DESERVE it. instead they punish good employees and treat them like dirt. Also in some places there are rumors that a lot of the male managers are sleeping with most of the females in the call centers which is just disgusting.

so you have these weirdos and freaks, who are dumb rude and fugly sleeping with the managers. there are also young cute Hispanic women who the managers will hire apparently just to sleep with them! its a really sick place and the managers also don't do anything if you try to call them if a customer needs to talk to a supervisor, so usually the customers gets nowhere, and they don't care at all about customer service, that's why sears sucks in every department. My cousin warned me not to work there but I had to find out for myself and quit after a while, thank God.

They have the dumbest most incompetent managers, the most pathetic people working there, and every ugly loser is sleeping with every other fat ugly loser there.

its a jungle circus there. they suck!

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