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I am a Sears employee who was hired into management from another company.In the decades that I have worked in retail, I have never seen the insanity that I have seen in this retail operation.

The mountains of paperwork that are printed and sent each day are ridiculous. The company tries to control your every task by the minute throughout the day WITHOUT mentioning once that customers are the #1 priority. Employees are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to do an enormous amount of things each day that couldn't possibly get done in the time allotted. Hourly employee payroll hours are cut drastically so management is also expected to do those tasks as well.

And since management is salaried, Sears expects you to put in the hours needed to get the jobs done. With the hours I've put in in the past few months, I'm averaging just above national minimum wage. I know it takes extra hours when you hire in for management. But the expectations of higher-ups for a complete dedication to Sears while giving up family and personal time is just crazy.

Oh, yes, I am looking for another job. Sears is not offering anything for me to stay. The frustration that customers have with us is the same frustration we have because our hands are tied in so many instances.

What a shame. I understand from Sears employees that have been around for a long while that it never use to be like this.

It use to be an enjoyable place to work and to shop but I guess when Kmart stepped in, the insanity really began. Too bad.

There are many loyal employees who no longer want to stay.And there are new employees who won't stay either


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I am a recent ex employee of Sears. I worked in the Loss Prevention department as well as Jewelry, merchandise assist and also as a seasonal lead.

My husband is in the military and wass deployed to training across the state months back. My mom helped me come up with the money to bring him home for Christmas. I asked for the week after Christmas off to enjoy a little bit of time with my husband and family while he was home.

I returned to work the following week only to be told that I was being let go. Their reason. "You asked for too much time off". Also I missed 2 days prior. I had to play single mother while my husband was gone. One of those missed days was to take 2 of my very sick kids to the emergancy room at our local post hospital. Both of them were found to have an phnemonia and required antibiotics and breathing treatments. One of them had to stay over night. The other day about a week later was because I became sick. Though I only took one day sick I returned to work....sick so that I wouldn't miss any more.

Being a military wife I am completely dissapointed in the conduct of the management and orginization of the business.

Even more dissapointing? They are one of the biggest supporters 'So they claim' of the 'heroes At Home' foundation for military members and their families.

In my opinion that only applies if you don't work there.

I will never shop at Sears again in my lifetime nor pay into their false 'Heroes At Home' outlook they apeal to have but really don't.

My opinion? Work for a reputable company who pays decent and has a great deal of respect and focus on their staff. Good employees equal good business and great customer service and satisfaction...

Sears will learn this when they go out of business. Their days are numbered...

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #211321

As a former high level manager I sat in on a lot of meeting were the company does not expect you to stay over five years, its in there best interest if you dont unless your a repair technician for Sears or A+E Factory service.It was never that way untill Kmart took over.

I will tell you that being paid good will not change a thing, the family and friend time you lose is not worth it.Its affects your health and nerves, and not to mention they have tied your hands on taking care of the customer, its all about making money, every meeting and conference call its money, money, money, the customer is hardly ever mentioned.That why after 25 years and the last 4 under Kmart I had to leave or in up in the nut house.


I fell the same way and the pay is not good at all but they want u to do ten jobs in one.This is why the turn over is so high on one want to work for pennys.

So.If u have good work pay them like u wolud want to be.


Thank you.In a way it is comforting to know that the Sears that I work at (I'm an hourly) isn't the only one with these major internal problems.

Oh one more thing...Pebble!!!

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