I would like to know how Sears can give a credit card to a 25 year old with one year work history who owns nothing and NOT to someone who has held the same job for 33 years, has paid off a house mortgage,vacation house mortgage,paid off business building mortgage, owes nothing on credit and has saved over $750,000 in 401k and owns rental property with incomes. WTF?

Who is the better credit risk here????? They can't even explain it on the phone but told me to go to a financial adviser....I think I'm doing pretty good without one and I guess I'm doing pretty good without shopping at Sears too.

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That's funny, you have $750,000 and your trying to get a

Sears credit card (at probably 25% interest).

to Anonymous Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #749236

You should do so well. Your comments are rude and we don't need to hear them. :?

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