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This is a long, drawn out issue with the Sears credit card processing center. I made a payment of $288 and it was cashed on 8/6. However, about three weeks later, I started getting calls from a collections agency. It appears that the credit was never applied to my account. In discussing the situation with the credit card people, I was informed that I had to provide a copy of the check (front and back). I printed the document and sent it to Sears. The credit processing facility stated that they never received the check and sent me back to my bank. I filed a fraud report with my bank and Wachovia required a signed affidavit that Sears has not received the check. The credit processing department stated that they would not sign the affidavit. The Sears credit card processing company was extremely unhelpful and rude.

Two things are wrong with this:

1. I am out $288 as the bank will not accept such a *** letter from Sears stating that they never received the check.

2. The Sears credit card processing company was extremely unhelpful and rude. You wouldn't believe the behavior of the individual on the phone. When the person was being unhelpful, I asked to speak to his boss. The guy stated that he had a boss, but that I couldn't talk to him. Nor, was there anyone else that I could talk with. Poor customer service.

As a result, I plan on NEVER purchasing anything from Sears on a going forward basis. Furthermore, I am informing all my neighbors, friends, and am broadcasting the customer service issues I have had with Sears.

Please do not purchase from Sears as why should anyone want to purchase products from such a unhelpful and unethical organization.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $288.

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Will never step foot or spend 1 dime with Sears/Kmart ever again. After 12 years have having a Sears credit card and spending over 20K in that time they jump my interest rate to 24% and wouldn't make concessions. They can shove it!


Any promblems at any departments at Sears or Kmart you have and they wont resolve them for you. Send a certified letter to the CEO of Sears/Kmart.

Edward Lambert, Sears Holding 3333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179. He has his own complaint department. If it is not resolved in a timely manner get names, times you called or went in to resolve the matter and take it to your states attorney generals office and file a complaint about Sears or Kmart. Have what you thing a fair resolve would be.

Sears has a department just for taking care of attorney General complaints. Hope this helps customers of Sears and Kmart


If I was cheated out of $288.00 dollars I would be upset and rude to.But theres a difference Irish,I am the customer and the people Jess174102 was dealing with was the business, and running a business the first thing you learn in customer service is the customer is always right even if there wrong and you are not every to be rude, unpolite and do everything to help the customer and resolve there issue. Thats what a lot of Sears employees and Sears corporate have forgotten. They take the customer for granted.What department of Sears do you work in Irish.


I bet you were rude as well.