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I experienced some of the worst customer service in my life at Sears this past Saturday. In fact, it was so bad that my huband and I immediately left the store and spent $200 for the same item at Lowes.

Long story short -- On Friday I called for the Arden Faire store in Sacramento, CA to get a price quote on a washer. My husband and I went in the following morning at 10:00 am to purchase it and were told that the price quoted to me on Friday was a sale price and had only good through the end of that business day. The washer was now $70 more than the price I had been quoted. I explained that had I known the price would change I would have come in the day before and asked that the store honor the price quoted by their employee.

The salesperson said that the manager would have to okay that and called him. When the manager arrived, this young man LITERALLY looked down his nose at me and said that no, he could not honor the price quoted by his employee the day before and walked away. Let me say that I had received excellent service from the Sears repairman on 5/15/08 and the floor salesperson on 5/17/08. However, my experience with THE MANAGEMENT was rude, unhelpful and most important WITHOUT INTEGRITY.

Again, we spent $200 more at Lowes for the same item with pleasure -- and I'm a dyed in the wool price shopper.

We're cured of Sears for life and my husband wrote a letter to this CEO.

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Anytime your purchase something at Sears, if it goes on sale at a lower price within 30 days they price match. They also price match.

Your sales associate should have told you what he could do for you in the future to get your price down.

I am an appliance sales associate at Sears and on behalf of the store you did business with I am truly sorry for your bad service. We aren't all like that.