On 3/23/13 I purchased $156.55 in clothing. The only receipt that I received was not itemized.

It only gave me a total, a bar-code number and FC 3379-8941-5730-0939-0619 and date. I have no way of knowing how much I was charged for these items. I have not been angry about this until now! I would think that you would want people to use as few words as possible rather than insisting on one hundred words.

What is the reason for this? The value of people's time doesn't count for anything, or so it seems.

It would be easier to go back to the store for an answer. Thanks

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Beaverton, Oregon, United States #642277

It looks like you chose the ereceipt option. To see your full receipt just check your email (or at least the email that you provided them with in the Shop Your Way Rewards).

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #633686

I know KMart has their rewards card(free) and the machine asks you if you want a printed receipt or not. In either case, the actual receipt is emailed to you at the address you gave when you got the card. Not sure about Sears, but they are now a part of KMart.

to nikalseyn Saint Cloud, Minnesota, United States #634935

That is what is printed out when you hit e-receipt.

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