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Nov,24 2012 I purchased a sole F80 treadmill. I informed associate that I run EVERY DAY with an average distance of 4-8 miles a day, and he assured me that this is the model I needed. Jan,1 2013 this defective tread mill was replaced with same model, motor overheating and tripping on board and home circuit breakers. Sears allowed me to exchange unit for same. Past 30 day refund period but within 60 day exchange period. On May 7 the same problem began again. Motor overheating and tripping on board circuit as well as house circuit. I rewired a single 15 amp circuit dedicated solely for treadmill only. Problem still occurred. On May 10 at approximately 19:47 hours I reported this problem to warranty dept who ordered a on board circuit breaker even though I stated that the motor was over heating and tripping the circuit. the circuit was doing what it was designed to do. I asked for a service tech to come out and assess the problem. Associate informed me that they don't do it that way and I needed to wait for part to arrive before tech could come out. She He scheduled appointment for Wednesday the 15 and assured me the part would arrive. On May 11 I received a e-mail confirmation but service date was for May 22. I called and inquired about the service date and was transferred to customer solutions dept case # 1421470 and after 1 unacceptable hour on the phone I was offered the ability to upgrade to a higher priced unit and pay the difference or pay a 15% restocking fee and chose a lesser unit. My choice. Unacceptable but I would look at what they had. After researching all treadmills Sears offers it was found that the model I purchased was rated the highest. So I requested a FULL REFUND including the extended warranty. I was told no, upgrade or pay a 15% restocking fee and down grade. I chose to stay with the repair and either have unit fixed or proceed under Pa lemon law. On May 20 I received a phone message to reschedule my appointment so I called at 19:01 hours and spoke to Michelle #9202. She informed me that the part was back ordered and had no idea when it would arrive. I stated that I already gave my 2 employees the day off because the service on the 22 was between 08:00 hours and 16:00 hours. An 8 hour window to sit and wait for a tech. Heck even the cable guy only uses a 4 hour window. So I informed her that she needed to send the tech out part or no part and assess the problem. She stated that this was not the way they do services and that I just had to wait. I informed her to document that I am requesting a full refund and that my construction co put $27,000.00 in appliance's through Sears for my customers last year alone and that I would NEVER purchase another appliance at Sears again. I just had my Taxes done so I knew the exact amount $27,636.00 not to mention personal items and construction tools. I also informed her that this was boarding on Pa lemon law and when the circuit didn't fix the problem that it will be the 2rd attempt to fix the same problem and that there wont be a 3rd. She left it at, she will do what she could to get a tech out and fix it. Knowing that he was not coming. I waited all day May 22 to receive a call at 14:55 hours to reschedule appointment. No tech no parts. After being upset I gave myself a day to calm down. Running is my way of relieving stress and train for upcoming marathons. Now my tread mill was down for 12 days. On May 23 2013 at 20:01 hours I contacted Brenda # 252153 (she was awesome and should be commended for her work) even though she couldn't help she tried everything to make me happy short of a full refund. After approximately 45 mins she forwarded all info to tech dept with a note to contact me next business day because the service dept was closed. It is now 29 May and I have yet to hear from ANYONE. My treadmill has been out of service for 19 days and have no idea when it will be fixed or when a part will arrive. This is unacceptable and I am requesting a full refund in the amount of $1685.38. I have done everything Pa requires me to do to meet there criteria for a lemon law case. I just want to get on with life and quite being EXTREMELY INCONVENIENCED BY SEARS.

I respectfully request a return e-mail on this matter


Michael F Salina

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1685.

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Wait til they will give you a refund, but only if you disassemble, box up and pay to ship somewhere. Good Luck.

Sears Response

Michael F Salina,

My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I saw your post and want to offer some assistance. We are very sorry to see that you had such a disappointing experience with your treadmill. It is frustrating enough to encounter any trouble with your treadmill, much less to not receive the help you need from us after you exchanged the original treadmill. We would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your situation and ensure that your needs are met to your satisfaction. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at smadvisor@searshc.com so you don’t have to be upset by this any longer. In the email, please provide a contact number and the phone number the treadmill was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your Screen name (bigdogscc) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we’re sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

Thank you,

Liz R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support