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I have not been a customer of sears in years because of their poor customer service attitude. Today I decided to try Sears again but could not easily get past their voice recognition system.

I ended up being bounced around for over an hour. These are the things I rediscovered about Sears customer service. If you can not resolve an issue with the store you are instructed to call their national call center. There they demand your personal information before they will take a complaint.

after you tell them they will always say they have to send this complaint back to the store to be resolved. They do not have a corporate office that is accountable to their customers. Their district and regional managers to not work out of an office. Their full names are kept secret and they do not use voice mail.

Sears will continue to keep this ex customer and probably many others away from their stores if they keep resisting to learn from their past mistakes.

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sears craftsman tractor unreliable/have to turn fly by hand to start about every other use///wont go in gear/7days to get tech/service rep said thats good time frame for area/good thing its not a respirator/if 7days is good service this is last product i will ever buy at sears//

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