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i am tired and just about to give up on sears. i placed a 6 piece appliance order with sears on 10/15 and it all was available for delivery within 6-10 days but the earliest delivery option offered was 11/18. 4 weeks for in stock product? kidding me, but i have been a long time customer of sears and installed all new appliances in the last 4 homes i have owned. i recommend them, until now

the last few weeks i have been in contact with customer service because i keep getting differing delivery information, and have been assured that my delivery is set for the 18th. i see teh data on the web and it does not show that. customer service didn't get that i see that info. now the order is delayed into December. no shock to me, i expected them to fail on their commitment.

so when i called yesterday here is how it went....

hello my name is xxxxx may i have your name, phone, address, zip, name again, delivery address, so i can find your order. i see you ordered, then they roll down the list of what i ordered. whats the issue? let me look into this HOLD......i can not help you please allow me to transfer.

repeat all again with the new and improved customer service person, only to get the 'we will call you back' and they never do. there is no customer service in their customer service group.

so i had an e-mail address to Imran Jooma Sr VP, so i gave it a shot. guess what. i got back an e-mail from customer service who basically re-stated what i already know. then offered to further help me if i desire. are you kidding me. further help? i haven't been helped yet.

Ughhhhhhh i am about to cancel the $4,400 order and go to Lowe's i hear they are fast and customer service is just that service!

anyone at sears listening?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Hicksville, New York, United States #555914

The Imram Jooma email comes with every order but he never responds to emails to him with questions or concerns.

to No longer Sears shopper Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States #580003

Absolutel correct...he never responds to emails. Those CSRs are incompetent. Terrible company to do buy from, cos' if you do have any issues with your order, God help you.


Good post, and something that Sears (and most other companies) really needs to address. Sears customer service will never resolve this issue.

They will give you the run around, and never help you solve the issue. This is what they are paid to do. The only possible solution is to go to the store, and talk to a person. Lowes might be better, but I think the key is going to the store and talking to someone invested in their job.

I do love your comment about emailing Imran Jooma.

Why even use his name in the email address? Sears is only setting themselves up to *** off customers when the find out that the email goes to the lowest level of customer service.

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