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So the issue began with the purchase of a Kenmore Refrigerator from the Sears website on 2/23 of this year. Everything was great until about a month ago when the fridge began emitting a foul odor (think, open container of yogurt left out for awhile).

Keep in mind, we didn't spill anything inside, we didn't do anything different, and we have attempted several times to clean and remove the smell ourselves. (We've tried emptying it, washing everything with soap and water, placing open containers of baking soda and even coffee inside, and none of it worked) So when we bought the fridge, we bought the extended warranty that is supposed to cover parts and defects for 2 years. At this point, my wife and I decided that the problem was beyond our ability to fix and that the issue must be from the inside. We reached out to the customer service to schedule a service appointment and all was well.

The day came when the tech was supposed to arrive, between 8:00 AM to 12:00 P. We receive a phone call at 10:30 AM from a 3rd party appliance vendor and the guy on the phone tells me that he JUST received the work order for the issue and wouldn't make it out to us that day. After stating that, he inquired more about the problem itself and told us that he's "been doing this a long time and sees thousands of calls like these and that all he and his guys are going to be able to tell us is that it needs to be emptied and cleaned out. That it's never the fridge itself." After hearing this I decide to cancel because what is the point?

But now I want a replacement because it is still under warranty.

I get customer service transferring me to warranty dept, then they transferred me back, then the rep flat out refused to allow me to speak to anyone in charge and just offered to transfer me back to warranty. I'm at a loss with this company and I honestly regret buying a Kenmore and buying from Sears.I hope they wind up going out of business, because the attitude I am experiencing at every level is simply, "I just don't care and I'm not going to try to help you."

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Good luck on getting good service from Sears nowadays. Perhaps you have heard they have serious financial problems?