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Ordered a treadmill from Sears on Friday the 30th of Nov and by Sunday it was advertised $125 cheaper. Called to get their "Price protection policy" and was told I would have to wait until after Monday to get the price because of the Cyber Monday sale.

Looked at their pricing policy and it does state "All Price Match rules and exclusions apply including no Price Protection adjustments between Thanksgiving Day and the Monday after Thanksgiving." Fair enough. Called Tuesday and was magically told that the sale was extended through Wednesday so I woul dhave to wait until after Wednesday. I stated that their own policy on their website says otherwise yet kept getting told the same thing "Nothing we can do" I was also clearly talking to someone not located in this country. Asked for a supervisor and was told the same thing.

Asked for the supervisors supervisor and was told they would call me back in an hour. I am still waiting for the call and doubt I will hear from them.

Horrible horrible horrible customer service and policy makers. Never buying from them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #752030

And the Atta-boys just continue to pile up for SEARS. Priceless

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