Oak Harbor, Washington

I was at the Sears stores at The Burlington Mall in Washington State to return an item. When I arrived the customer service person was waiting on a customer and I was the only person in line.

He finished so I stepped up to the register to return my item. An elderly lady came rushing up to pay her bill I looked at the customer rep and she said "she was next in line." She was definitely not in line; there was no one in line but myself, yet the customer service rep took care of her first. I stood there while this lady first purchased something then decided it was also time to pay her bill.

I had to go to another register to return the item, this is the last time I will shop at Sears. There are other stores to purchase from that have better customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Wow! Well, arn't you special!

Someday, your going to be older.

let's say... really old. Let's say, really really old, like 50! lol.

Or, elderly. It's a bit tougher for you to stand. It might be painfull. It might hurt.

You might really apprechiate someone letting you go before them.

But then, you'll never get THAT old, will you?

Well buddy, I'm hoping you do get that old.

For your own good long life, AND, you will see how it is when your body doesn't agree with your mind.

Old people can be jerks also. Get over it.


I would have called the old lady a very nasty word


You young people (shaking a wobby finger). With your loud rock music, 8-track tapes, mini skirts, and, hamburgers!



Ditto on the other comments! You are so self-centered, it's pathetic.


Talk about somebody with a huge ego. You have the nerve to complain about them letting one elderly lady go ahead of you.

You have a lot of nerve. You don't know what it is like to be elderly and in pain or just plain weak.


Why not step back and take a breath and unglue yourself.

You might be old one day if you live that long and lots of seniors have trouble standing in a line due to being old and lots of them are in pain or weak.

Hopefully you'll get old one day and realize how sucky it is.

Chances are customer service has been told to extend courtesy to their elderly customers before the younger that have the ability to stand in a line much longer health