Winter Park, Florida

I am very upset with Sears as an employee bec i feel like we have horrible customer service (and we do) i get upset bec my customers are upset that they been connected 7 different times. I use to work in Sears Winter Park Florida call center for customer service and sales.

(Protection Agreement) and let me tell you guys is the worst place to work. The funny thing is that i see all these complaints about service, repairs, delivery, ext. and at the bottom i see a Sears media representative apologizing and trying to consult them about the bad experience they had but on none of the employees complaints do i see any kind of input which is sad. Sears has unrealistic sales expectations every 10 calls we are suppose to have one Protection Agreement sale.

The goals raised last month now we have to get 2 sales per 10 calls. Sears makes it that our phone # is on every single sears document suggesting customer support. Why they do that? Bec they want people to call about something unrelated to a protection plan and we loose opportunity for a sale.

They call about repair, delivery, store issues and we cant offer a protection plan bec they are so upset its disrespectful. So we have to connect them to the correct department. That happens all day bec theres "gates". Gates are phone lines when a customer calls they ether want to complain or buy a protection plan.

We newbies have to deal with the complaint gate while employees that have been there a while have the customers that want to buy. How is that fair? I never heard Sears ran by seniority.

We are currently having a roach problem eeww!!

And a pluming problems in the bathroom.... Yea bec certain toilets don't flush.Sears claims to be an equal opportunity employer so you see weird people in weird positions. The type of people that are on the management are very unprofessional and some (not all) look like bums! And you will see lots of young people there with management positions and HR that shouldn't be.

The work place is casual so you also see people with shorts, ghetto heels and just inappropriate clothes for the work place. The phones system is horrible when transferring a call. When we transfer 50% of the calls go through. Sears has a horrible customer resolution in fact all i can say is that if your lucky all your gonna get is a gift card for your broken $2000 refrigerator.

We deal with all these complaints on a daily basis and the fact is that thats not our job, our job is to sell so why does Sears give this # for every issue our customers are having. Not only does that risk our job and commission but our customers too bec we cant do anything concerning the issue. Not that commission is great ever since the new changes but it would be good if people call about a protection plan question, something related to what we do. Any how i haven't spoke to my manager in weeks regarding my performance and thats bec i heard rumors hes the worst manager there.

He barely does any coaching to lead his team. And to be honest this job is stressful to the point i had to quit and find a new one bec sears is such a bad company that my hands are tied in assisting a customer with their concerns and im in a costumer service position where i cannot service any customer therefore is making ill physically and mentally (I'm 20). Also the job at first is misleading bec they promise a full time but its only 30 hrs a week not 40hrs. And they lowered our pay by .50 cents which is very ***.

Then i see that a lot of people come and go and its bec they see how bad the company is. They don't wanna deal with customers that they cannot help. Sales is sales and they should get that through their head its not repairs, its not delivery its not the store and its not parts delivery. And to be honest nobody should buy any appliances from Sears because they all seem to be defective mainly Kenmore appliances.

So there thats why i will never work and do any business with Sears and i have told my input to the managers they act like the system is not a problem.

Pls if it wasnt a problem then why do you think is a turn stile job in there!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

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Totally understand you just need another job


Your composition skills along with many other English Language skills are sadly lacking. You obviously do not like your job, so perhaps you should just quit and go on to something else.

You do have many qualifications for good jobs, do you not? You obviously do not belong at a company you seemingly despise.