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i am talking to a sears rep on the phone right now and it seems that they hire elementary school drop-outs. first person I talked too accused me of giving the wrong phone number when there should be 2 numbers got snide and when asked for a supervisor he disconnected the call.

called back and was put on hold going on 15 minutes and I disconnected the call and called back and finally got to talk to someone. No wonder why Sears and K-Mart are going out of business they don't hire very intelligent employees except for repair personnel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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i am agree too!! sears don't know how to deal with customer at all~!

when i lost my sears card, so i called with my cell to report and ask for them to ship me another one, and i provide them my ssn for verification, but they said sorry since you call with cell phone number that has not in the system, they can't process and asked me to use my home phone to call them back, wtffff!!

all i am asking to ship me a new card, and i gave you my ssn is not enough for verification!?? pissed me off!


I agree. I spent hours of my time trying to communicate a problem with their non existent in vehicle pick up at the rego park location and hours and countless reps supervisors online and on the phone one Arizona manager called Martin one nice secretary at the media department and two emails to the reporting authors of the article (about the in vehicle pick up idea) and about 5 surveys later that I was bombarded with I get three emails from the bottom of the totem pole stating that they have reported my problem with order A, B, and C.

I had to reply to each and this is what I wrote back:

"There's a whole bunch of clowns and dumb people working there at sears

What is this about?

When did I say I had problems with my order?"

It seems unreal the lowest possible level of customer service that one encounters with these people. :cry

I give up.


Sears has No customer service! I spent hours on the phone 9 service calls in less than 4 years on my lemon fridge!

I reported this to the attorney general in hopes other will join in my complaint. I won't ever buy an appliance at that store again...don't bother calling customer service go start to the blue ribbon people at the so called top.

Sears Response

Dear imjust2bd2bgd@hotmail.com,

My name is Edwin and I work with the Sears Social Media Escalations team. Please accept our sincerest apologies for level of customer service rendered when you reached out for assistance. We’d like to talk to you to see how we can be of help in this matter. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (imjust2bd2bgd@hotmail.com), phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com. We look forward hearing from you soon.

Thank you,

Edwin C.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

@Sears Response

Edwin you should be fired, sears should be closed, period!