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I also have had recent damage to my car as a result of a snowblower being loaded in my car. I waited an hour for a manager to walk over to look at damages to a building separated from the main store. She brought Security who took pictures and kept saying that the store did me a favor by loading the snowblower after I had refused to pay delivery. I repeatedly informed her that the two employees stated it would be difficult to load in a Buick rendezvous. I stated that if it is questionable that i would be ok with paying for delivery and assured the manager and security that they could invite the two employees out to confirm this. They loaded the snowblower which fit snugly however when loading the struck the fiberglass rear bumper and gouged the paint. Also they draged the front of the snowblower on the plastic interior molding causing severe damage and even broke the plastic clips which anchor it to the vehicle. Now the molding keeps falling inside the car.

I originally did not get delivery as a suggestion by one of the helpful employees that day. I recently had a double bypass surgery done September 25, 2007 as emergency surgery. I decided to buy a snowblower which my Cardiologist stated is a must. There is a major shortage here in Ontario, apparently due to inclement weather somewhere in the states. Supposedly most of the blowers where sent from our warehouses down there. Anyways the employee stated that if would take longer for them to assemble and deliver. Maybe even a week. He suggested that since it was needed as soon as possible, to have shipping and receiving unpackage it from the crate and leave unassembled. This was also stated on the bill of sale, however i recieved a tel call that my machine was assembled and ready for pick up. The security guard kept telling me and interupted me several times during the conversation that i refused delivery. I kept telling her initially yes but when it was explained to me that they may not be alble to load it, i would be willing to pay for delivery. She started saying a one point like a little child. "let me talk, i started talking first, its my turn its my turn, while holding her hand on top of mine and jumping up and down slightly" I tell you what an experience. I stated to the manager that i estimate that for my car to be repaired, I believe the damages to be approx 500.00 as the bumper will have to be taken off and filled and repainted and the molding replaced. When i saw how i was being treated, i said to the manager, "there is a drill that i was interested in which is on sale for 100.00 I stated that i would waive damages and sign a release for same in exchange for damages. The manager said absolutely not. We have a system for claimed damages and we are doing the process. They took digital pictures of the damage. They had to untie the trunk first in order to get a clear picture. Once the pictures were taken the security woman looked at me and stated, " it's your car, you can retie it" I was shocked and asked my ten year old son to tie it as it is difficult to bend over that far without getting dizzy from the meds I am on the the surgery itself. The Security officer quickly stated, "Ok i will tie it, but only as a courtesy since you had recent bypass." I told her rather abruptly, Don't bother, my son is quite willing a capable of tieing a knot. During the conversation she kept telling me, " I need your name drivers license, address, tel num and a copy of your car insurance. I informed her that i would not supply a copy of my car insurance as i had an incident a few years ago where a claim for damages was put as a claim to my insurance company and my insurance paid for damages which resulted as a claim against me. I purchased a brand new car from showroom. I had a radio instaled. they tore the fabric in the car during installation. The worker admitted this and gave me a written statement to the fact. His manager had the repairs done to my car to my satisfaction, however a couple days later my insurance informed me that i needed to come in and pay the 500.00 deductible. I have a feeling that this is why the Sears Security Officer was pushing for my Insurance Slip. Why else would she need it. I guess I will have to wait and see. The Manager said they would probably contact me in a week. That was yesterday morning when i picked up the snowblower. Now i can't sleep and did search on Internet where i found the letter you wrote. I hope you received satisfaction.

All the best,

Thomas Daniels

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Sears only makes 10-20 dollars on a snowblower costing 1500.00. Were do you get your information.

Just to let you know, I have had no further followup nor have I even recieved an apology.

I involved so many people as you state because that was the process that SEARS said I had to go thru. I do not believe yiou are a service manager.

Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom #1516
:grin Please take a little responsibility . Your ill and need help dont blame sears .

The salesperson is whom this shouldve been handled totaly. You had way to many people invovled in an issue they new little about .

Sounds like the loaders told you it would be tight but tried to help. Sears whom made a profit of about 10-20 dollars and your asking for hundreds back deductable thats life in insurance.

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