Golden Grove, South Carolina

Recently had a Sears service person come out for regular service of washer and dryer. He happened to bump the dryer into the washer causing a spark and loud "crack". He identified that the outer case of the washer was not properly grounded BUT REFUSED TO FIX THE PROBLEM. We had to call an electrician and he found that the dryer was incorrectly installed 3 YEARS EARLIER by the Sears approved installer and was improperly grounded. He noted a "burn" mark on the washer where it had contacted the dryer. He felt that this situation could have electrocuted someone if they had touched the washer and dryer at the same time.

We have contacted the local Sears store where we were refered to some sort of customer "service"/complaint dept. They have refused to accept any responsibility for the problem and stated that we must have done something to cause this problem-oh yeah, I frequently go behind the dryer and change the wires coming in from the wall! We have no idea if the incorrect installation will affect the life of the washer. Sears refused to extend the warranty, pay the electrician's bill, or even give us an apology for our trouble and risk.

If you have had a washer or dryer installed by a Sears "approved" installer in the last 3-4 years, particularly from the HICKORY, NC store, I would strongly recommend that you have an electrician check the connections to be sure that they have been correctly done.

As for me, I'm done with Sears. Plenty of other options to buy anything they sell!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Dangerous installation
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At least you got it fixed before anyone was killed. Sears "approved" installer just means they hired the guy to install their appliances and know next to nothing about his skills, etc. At least you can pass the word around about how it is wise to NOT buy at Sears.


Buyer beware with Sears. Sear sucks. I stopped doing business with them 15-20 years ago and have been better served as a result.


I more Sears EVER. There are plenty of other places that respect their customers.