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Update by user Dec 09, 2015

Update: After all the frustration and conversations had 12-8 in regards to my tv, i was given a case number to give to the associate i talk to the FOLLOWING morning as my case was not yet closed in their system. i called on 12-9, after being put on hold for 11 minutes to wait for a representative it was necessary to schedule the 4th repair.

Low and behold sears puts the customer inconvenience first and has to physically send a tech to request my tv to be replaced. Tech arrived, did his phone call with his lead, finally accepted the request, and told me it will be 3-5 days and i will hear from someone i regards to my new tv being that the one i purchased has panel issues.

Nice life sears, this work order will be a year in the works as of 12-22-15.

your customer waits and waits and waits for your attention. to be updated when the new tv arrives.

Original review posted by user Dec 08, 2015

On December 30th 2014 i called you as the TV i bought and had taken out the extended warranty on was having issues. Turning itself on and off mid show, movie ect, and back on was getting old. I had already had your tech over to do an update on my software hoping that would fix the problem. Unfortunately, it continued, becoming a reoccurring event more and more, so we set up yet another appointment for your techs to come out to my house and look at my tv. January of 2015, Your tech arrived to take a look. An appointment you dont consider a visit in your system, but visit number two none the less. at this appointment the tech ordered the part i needed to resolve my issues, from there we set up another appointment for the actual repair, of which everything went smoothly, your wonderfully friendly tech did the job! He left and i felt hopeful that we fixed it this time. Unfortunately, the problem continued. Tv turned itself off and on randomly. How irritating it was when watching a suspenseful program!!! Ok, I'll call Sears tomorrow, and see what they say...I once again call the 800 number for my warranty, explain my problem is still happening, they always conveniently had an appointment for me very promptly that they could send a tech guy out for, to "take a look at my tv again". we scheduled an appointment, tech troubleshooted everything quickly with his lead tech on the phone and they came to the conclusion that this would happen until they changed out the main board. NO BIG DEAL, the friendly fast tech would have it done! he ordered the parts, once again this visit doesnt count as a repair in your system tho it took time out of my day again. fine. we scheduled an appointment, my parts arrived in the mail as expected, my tech showed on time to get the job done (counting this as a repair visit in your system) so I"m at 2 repairs. tech shows up, opens the parts he had ordered, puts them in, closes the tv up again, said this is the last board we can replace before we consider it a panel issue. Mind you the tech did his job each and every time he was here. checking the tv for backlight errors and thrown codes to help him solve the issue for me. Even the tech on the phone, confirmed, this is the last board we can replace. Please call us if it happens again. awesome. please Lord let this *** be over. Nope, tv still turns itself off and back on again. I'm going to call the tech again, lets schedule a visit just incase. this time a different tech comes by, he looks at my tv does the same things my first tech does checking codes and wires asking me questions and searching for codes. he got on the phone with a lead tech who helped him troubleshoot as well. he said "this has to be a panel issue if THIS LAST REPAIR DOESNT WORK, we're going to replace the main again." And so we set up yet another repair not counting this one AGAIN. he ordered the parts, i kinda know how this goes shows up...deja voo...replaces the board again. starts setting the entire tv up again as they so kindly do, and my tv TURNS ITSELF OFF AND BACK ON WITH THE REMOTE IN MY TECHS HAND!! he said, "i'm going to call and run this by my lead tech and tell him this is a panel issue, the tech decided we still have no done enough, we would fix ONE MORE board before we'd consider this a panel issue and replace the tv...

The date today is December 8th, 2015, after NUMEROUS calls, complaints, and boards changed, i had a tech at my house to replace the board, which counts in your system as a repair, making that the 4th repair which is when you will replace my t.v. my

My point is its been ONE YEAR since I've started having these issues with my tv, we wasted ONE WHOLE YEAR on repairs and visits that dont count phone calls that are recorded for training and quality purposes of which no one can or will review to listen to what the customer was told the last time and the time before that and the time before that and the time before that...ask yourself if you're really serving your customer. I wont buy another thing at sears because of THIS. a year later i've settled to putting a 32 inch Samsung tv (thats about 8 years old by the way) in my living room for my family to watch UNDERNEATH 65 inch sony smart tv i CANT WATCH, i bought from you guys that either CANT be fixed and your bulls*** policies of how many visits before you replace a tv is ***. the repairs you made and tech work you've put into it have EXCEEDED THE COST OF THE TV. lets NOT EVEN consider my year of wasted time. you have officially inconvenienced your customer!!! again and again and again. Exact dates:1-14-2015, 11-6-2015, 11-22-2015, and finally Tomorrow, 12-9-2015 when my repair service case number 3 has been closed in your system and I'll be requesting a replacement set due to the need of a 4th repair.

I will NOT walk into a SEARS store AGAIN due to my year worth of ridiculous excuse of service and customer dissatisfaction, so tell me, who really won here????

Product or Service Mentioned: Sony Tv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service and warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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