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Sears started a sale on 12/26/2009 according to TV commercial. I found a 32" HD TV on sale at Sears.Com for $299.00 at 6:00 a.m. on 12/26/2009 that was in stock at the Waco, Texas store. I completed the purchase via their web site and waited for the email to confirm my purchase and give me the receipt to pick up my new set - that was clearly a condition of the purchase - it was not a done deal until the confirmation email.

The email 20 minutes later stated that my sale was canceled because the set was not in stock at the Waco store. The email (which is in my hands) says my card will not be charged - it does not say my card was already charged and that I would have my money tied up for 5 to 10 days or whatever my bank's policy is for placing holds for purchases from merchants. I asked why Sears first charged my account before checking the availability of the merchandise, and Supervisor Tiffany (who is an obnoxious tart) told me it was their policy. She is correct - if Sears doesn't complete the sale with a confirmation charge, the "hold" drops off the in five to ten days pursuant to federal and state banking regulations.

However, the vast majority of merchants run a card to see if the account is open by charging only a dollar through the sales system. If the sale is not able to be completed, the customer only has a dollar tied up for 5 to 10 days. If the product is ready and available for sale, the merchant merely charges the sales price less the $1.00 processed earlier.

Tiffany just couldn't understand that just because their internal policy says that is how they are going to do it, that doesn't make me, as a consumer, or ten shoppers or a thousand shoppers across the US, should be denied thousands of dollars of their own money because Sears chooses to take an easy way out - that is, care about customer and confirm availability first rather than charge first, do nothing later. When I told her I was not satisfied with that, she tried to claim I was being abusive. My wife, sanding just a few feet away had to laugh - I am a former local prosecutor and now work for my state, and if telling the "supervisor" that I disagreed with their inconsiderate and literally harmful policy constitutes abuse, you should have listened to her tone when I asked for the legal department's phone number. I did get it - but Tiffany was still trying to tell me I was wasting my time. Tiffany said the legal department's phone number is (847) 286-8371.

I don't have to shop at Sears - and it may be a cold day before I purchase anything from Sears due to the attitude of a snotty supervisor who couldn't are less about the public. I even explained up front that she may not be able to help me, but she took it upon herself to educate me and lecture me about their policy and that there was nothing I could do about it. I'll remember that the next time I send someone to jail - I wonder how they will feel if I tell them you're going to jail, and that's that. There are many judges and lawyers who would take issue with that.

If I succeed in changing Sear's policy, I will probably ask for a copy and have one sent to Tiffany so she can read that policy is flexible when you go high enough in an organization. Nah, it'll be my policy to let Tiffany continue to be a ***.

Perhaps if enough people complain, Sears could program their computers to take that little step of checking to see if the item they show as being in stock actually is in stock before tying up a customer's money. This is the first time I can think of that I had a merchant pull a stunt like this - most other retailers sell you the product or won't let you complete the sale - not take the sale, then try to confirm product to sell, and send you a "Dear John" letter and let the customer's money be encumbered for a week or more. Bankruptcy didn't do Sears or consumers any favors if Tiffany is the best they got as a policy-spouting supervisor.

Monetary Loss: $325.

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On 1/9/2009 I made a purchase from for an elliptical machine at a total of $1,100. I got an email saying my item was ready for pick up.

Well before I could leave the house I got a call from the store saying they did not have the item and that my order would need to be canceled which was done on the same day, 1/9/2009. I did not want to cancel the order but was told that the item was no longer carried by the store so I did. I then bought a different machine that cost a little more. However I still have not been refunded the $1,100 to my credit card.

I was given some excuse that it had to be cleared at their warehouse before my money could be refunded??? Anyway as of today I am being told it could take 7 - 10 business days. I was told on 1/9/2009 that it would be refunded by 1/15/2009 which was way to long in my opinion. Anyway I don't think sears has yet to do their part to have my money refunded.

Sure seems like something stinks to me. I like my new elliptical but I'm done doing business at sears!


I also ordered a couple of things online first I got a notice 7 days after I ordered it and they took my money from my debit card stating it was canceled due to it not being in stock and I should receive a refund in 7-10 business days I sent a response to that and got the same response back 7-10 business days and as of today 13 business days later have still yet to recieve my money back for this and I sent yet another email to them and their response was basically the same and now are saying 5-7 business days from the 30th of December they have already received my money since December 8th they cancelled my order on the 15th and still January 4th nothing but an excuse. I also ordered another item for my 6 year old step son and it came "melted" it was a Cars art set they were sorry I did return it to the store but it was an inconvenience to return it "glad I did it in the store not sent it online or my money for that would be held up as well" I question the person who gathered my order and not noticing it was in unacceptable condition the quality in product and service is terrible and I just plainly want my money back and a real explanation why they sent me garbage and didn't refund my money as yet 13 days later that they said 7-10 days won't order from them ever again and will have serious doubts of other products they sell online and in their stores.


Follow up to Sears above - I sent customer service the full text of my complaint and I just received their automated response. It said, "We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for contacting Sears. We appreciate your writing and sending us your feedback. We will forward your observations on to our marketing team."

I expect their automated mail to as responsive as their marketing team.

AT&T has learned to be nice to people and their profits show great improvements. Sears....are you paying attention?


Wow. I just had the exact same experience with Sears.

I ordered some tools online and it came back saying the product was not available. However, when I checked my credit card statements, the amount due was already charged and is on hold.

I am going to ring Sears customer service and get them to give me an explanation for all this. I have a nagging suspicion that Sears is advertising products for cheap on their site to get more people to visit the site, but when you actually go to purchase it, they just say the item is not available.

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