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Browsing the website for a king mattress set for under $1000.00. I noticed that they had some mattresses listed as "Mattress Only" and all others listed as just "Mattress" I chose the Simmons Beautyrest Matira Plush Pillow top King Mattress because it was on sale. Reg Price: $1879.99 on sale for $764.99. The picture displayed on the site shows a mattress and a box spring and NO where on the product web page does it say "box spring not included" I purchased the mattress and setup delivery. A couple hours later I went back to the website to look at the order again and I clicked on the live chat because I want to make sure that I was getting what I was expecting. I spoke with a person via chat on the sears site and this is the conversation:

Please wait for a Sears Customer Service Representative to respond. This chat may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes. Your average wait is 2 seconds. Thank you for holding.

You are now chatting with Ysela B. How may I help you?

You: I just ordered a mattress, Sears Item# 08260871000 Model# M45381.60.7802 and I need to know if it comes with the foundation/box spring?

You: order confirmation number 232007092

Ysela B: Thank you for contacting me for assistance today! I will be glad to assist you with your inquiry. Mattresses and box springs are sold separately. When viewing the mattress on our website, the product description states: "You must purchase 2 coordinating King size foundations when purchasing a King size mattress". Here is the link.

Ysela B: Click here

You: I don't see that, all I see is that there is free delivery for the mattress and the foundations

Ysela B: I apologize for the incorrect explanation. For this mattress, it is not stated in the product description; however, when you first click on the mattress, a pop up box on the website displays with the statement regarding the foundations. Here is a link to the Simmons Beautyrest foundations that we offer.

Ysela B: Click here

You: I will have a look at this, but what phone number can I call at Sears to address this

Ysela B: If you would prefer to speak with us by telephone, you may contact us at 1-800-349-4358.

You: Thank you, I am calling now.

Ysela B: You are very welcome. Thank you for choosing Sears. You are a valued customer and we do appreciate your business. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Ysela B: Thanks for chatting with me regarding your mattress inquiry! Please take a moment and click here to complete our Exit Survey. We greatly value your feedback! Thank you for choosing today; we appreciate your business. Good bye and have a great day! Thank you for chatting with us. Please click the "Close" button on the top right of the chat window to tell us how we did today.

I called the number and spoke with a service representative that told me that there is a pop up window that indicates that a box spring is necessary. I told him that is deceptive because most people block pop up and now you are expecting me to pay an additional $500+ dollars for the box spring.

I asked to speak to an supervisor.

I expressed to the supervisor how upsetting it was that it does NOT clearly display "box spring sold separately" anywhere on the products page and now I am being asked to spend another $500+ to get a complete set.

She says there is nothing she can do and I could cancel my order.

She told me it would take 3-5 business days for the money to return to my account and I told her that was unacceptable because they instantly took it from my account and now I have to wait for it to be returned. I have to go out and buy another mattress somewhere and they are holding my money.

She says there is nothing she can do. I canceled my order anyway and told them I would never buy from sears again.

All this and to find out three days later that my order had not been canceled. So I had to go through the frustrations again to get the order canceled.

Complaint made to Better Business Bureau (5/9/11) Ref# 94349081

Complaint made to Federal Trade Commission (5/9/11) Ref# 30380629

Complaint made to Consumer Affairs (5/9/11)

Complaint made to CNN (5/9/11)

Complaint made to ABC News "7 on your side" (5/9/11)

Complaint made to CBS News "Consumer Watch" (5/9/11)

Complaint made to 60 Minutes (5/9/11)

Complaint made to KTVU Channel 2 News "iReports" (5/9/11)

Complaint made to KRON 4 News "iReports" (5/9/11)

Monetary Loss: $748.

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Perhaps it would have been wise to try the live chat BEFORE finalizing your order.


Stop. You cannot blame Sears for your if Oran e.

everyone o.

The planet know box springs get sold separately. Not only does Sears assume this you got this basic knowledge down, but every mattress seller does.


I agree with the original poster. It probably took Sears more time and effort to come up with the pop up window than it would have to put three words in the actual product description, "foundations sold separately" Sears lost my business long time ago!

The previous poster probably works for Sears or in a customer service position and has to deal with upset customers, I am sorry for you. The refund issue is controlled by the financial institutions and is what it is.


You are a ***, and I can't believe you went to all that trouble to contact so many people to show how *** you are. It's not am company's fault that you didn't research your product before purchasing. And if you've ever had a credit card refunded before, you would know that it is YOUR BANK and not the company that causes the delay.

I'm all for holding companies accountable, but you have to sympathize with customer service people who have to put up with *** like this all day.