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Sealy Company Headquarters

Attn: Consumer Support

One Office Parkway at Sealy Dr

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Ed Galicki

4227 Mt. Herbert Ave.

San Diego, Ca. 92117


It is such a disappointment to have to write such a letter so soon after purchasing a very expensive mattress.

We had such hope that it would be a good one, seeing the name and hearing the reputation. Unfortunately it turned out to be nothing more than a hoax, and a very expensive one at that.

We paid for a quality, long term, guaranteed mattress, based on the salesman's description of the warranty. Then after way less than a year the mattress sags where we sleep, and the warranty proves to be virtually worthless.

The instructions to demonstrate this sag are silly at best. The sag isn't very apparent when no person is on the mattress. So taking a picture looking for 1 ½ inches of sag is a really good trick to fool the public. Since the sag doesn't seem to get to 1 ½ inches when the mattress is empty you are off the hook. The sag is, however, more than harmful when there are humans on the mattress. The sag is horrible when we are on the bed, I have to put an extra pillow in the cavity, and I still have aches before the night is half way through. My wife also has this suffering from the failure of the mattress to support her.

Since you don't publish an email contact address, and force all of us who are disappointed in the complete lack of quality in such an expensive mattress to write letters, I have to assume you are aware of the problem and don't want to be bombarded with complaint emails.

If this is the case, I feel my only alternative is to get on the web and publish warnings in as many places I can find and make the obvious trickery clear. I think if I can persuade even one or two people from purchasing your high priced mattresses that are doomed to fail with the crafty warranty that sounds good pre-purchase but turns out worthless after purchase I might be doing a good thing.

I have found at least 40 places on the web I can put this information, and they are great in that there are links that even the slightest inquiry will direct people to them. I could probably also make a nice clip that has just as good a chance to go viral as some of the crazy stuff that makes it to millions of hits.

I suppose some strong warnings, with accurate descriptive terminology, directed towards Sears will also be in order, since this is where the salesman deceived us into thinking we were paying for a warranty that had some kind of real value.

Beyond disappointed

Ed Galicki

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Yep. Same issue.

Been trying to deal with them off and on since my mattress had a 1 and a half inch sag in 2016 (two years after purchase). Last I was told, the mattress for which I provided photos of the tags, is six months older than the date I bought it and therefore must be a different mattress.

So it is, apparently, my fault that they sold me a 6 month old mattress. Maybe there’s a class action suit we can join?


We have the same kind of issues. Our Sears mattress is 2 years old and looks fine when no one is on it.

But when you lay down there’s a trough that is very noticeable.

And like you said, our 5/10 warranty seems worthless, like it won’t be worth the hassle to contact the manufacturer. Dale in Oregon


I am hoping to start a Class Action Lawsuit. Sears manipulates Customers into believing the Mattresses will last 10 years and if not, the warranty will cover the replacement.

Here I am 2 years later with a mattress I can't sleep on. And given the run-around.


Hi Ed,

Just wondering if you followed up with an email to SearsCares after they contacted you on Jan 13, 2012. If so, they did assist you with anything?

Were you able to get a new matress through the warranty?

Many thanks in advance.


They just referred me to their worthless warranty - it has to sag 2" with no person on it - it won't - but when you get on it your back is like a cue ball in a sock.


Thank you for spreading the word about defective mattresses sold by Sears. My hope is that the complaints will warrant (no punt intended) a class action law against Sears.


I purchased a mattress back in Sept 2009, I've had it warranty replaced several times. I've actually lost count!!

Sagging and the last 2 times coil failure. It's totally crazy!


Anyone can see from the listing of failures of the mattress and the failure of Sears to try to accommodate the customer they are not interested in customer service, customer satisfaction, or honesty. They are interested in selling a flawed, deceptively warranted product, and have continued to sell these to consumers with no real protection for the consumer in this deceptive warranty.


I am having same problem with a Serta Mattress with a 10 yr warranty. They approved me for a mattress for the amount I paid but now I have to do all the research to find the same specifications my mattress has and will not approve my box springs 2 times I have had inspector out to my house


I got it from Sears to


Where did you see the 1.5" thing? I took pics of our mattress, a week after we got it.

I laid a broom handle across the bed and held a tape measure up to it. It was 1.25" on one side and 1.5" on the other. Ridiculous. Now they're hitting me with a restock fee.

If I have something i.

writing that says 1.5" is 'defective' I may get my fee waived. Can you help?


I found that information on the original paper work that came attached to the mattress. It is under the "Limited Warranty" section of the Product Warranty & Care Instructions.


If it's 1.5 inches anywhere on the bed it should qualify. Just keep at it


I have a posteurpedic Spring Blossom mattress that started to sag after only 6 months. Being the procrastanator that I am, I have only started to call today.

My mattress is now 21 months old. I wake up in back pain every single day. Now, it looks like I am in for more pain just to try and use my warranty to get it replaced.

Also, I find it disconcerting to see that the SEARS OUTLET sells my mattress "REFURBISHED" for a fraction of the $1600 that I paid for my full size mattress. :cry


On June 29th I contacted Sears to report that my mattress was sinking/ had a large body impression in it. I was instructed to file a warranty claim for a replacement mattress.

I was told that I Sears no longer carried my mattress model and that they would recommend the most similar model available and that I would have to pay for shipping for the replacement. Within this phone call I told the representative (I believe his name was John) that this sounded like a scam and his response was “things aren’t made as well as they used to be”. This made me very upset so I asked for the name and model number that they were recommending so that I could go try it out in the store. After trying out the recommended mattress model “Sorano (Item 42351)” in the store, I called Sears to let them know that I was ok with that model.

One week later I expected to receive a Sorano 42351 pillow top mattress. When it arrived on Saturday July 14th, the delivery driver showed me that it was filthy so I refused delivery. I called Sears and set up another delivery. On July 21st the second mattress arrived and just after the delivery drivers left, we discovered that the mattress not only had multiple dirt spots but also what appeared to be blood stains.

I called Sears immediately as well as the following day to report this issue. I also asked several customer service reps if the replacement mattresses were refurbished- I never once received a clear answer. I am now scheduled to receive a THIRD replacement mattress on Saturday July 28th. In addition to the mattresses arriving dirty, another issue at this point is that I am 100% certain that the second replacement mattress is not the same as the Sorano model 42351 that I tested in the store.

It is a cheap imposter. While there is a tag that says "Sorano" on it, I do not see this item number 42351 on the manufacturer's tag. Unlike the model in the store, the mattress that I received is extremely cheap and hard. Given my experience up to this point I suspect that Sears is trying to give me a used mattress of a different model with fraudulent tags.

I asked several customer service reps if the mattresses I had received were refurbished and I was always given a VERY vague answer. On Monday July 23rd, I returned to my local Sears store to try out the Sorano model mattress again and confirmed that what I was sent is not the same as what I tried in the store. While I was in the Sears store I called Sears’ mattress delivery department (888-567-7352) and I spoke to a manager named Dona (ID # 24201) who only said that she "can't say for sure if your mattress was refurbished or not but I will make sure to contact corporate headquarters via email to make a special request that you receive a new mattress". I asked to be CCed on this email and she agreed that one way or another I would receive a formal notice/promise that I would receive an unused mattress.

I also told the manager that at this point it was not fair to have to pay for shipping so that cost was refunded to me and I was also given a $50 gift card. I am scheduled to receive a THIRD replacement mattress and given my experience thus far, there is a high likelihood of me receiving a used/ refurbished mattress or a cheap imposter of Sorano 42351. If I do not receive the correct model that is in brand new condition then I would like a full refund in the amount of $1084.99 from Sears.

In this last 4 weeks of dealing with Sears I have found multiple consumer rating websites detailing horror stories from Sears customers who were sent poor quality replacement mattresses and who felt like they never received proper customer service in their attempts to get a replacement. I am submitting this complaint because I suspect that Sears’ warranty operations are fraudulent.


Dear Ed,

I have just read over the ordeal you have been through concerning your mattress. Please accept our deepest apologies for any miscommunication from the salesman concerning the warranty. My name is Stephanie and I’m part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. I saw this comment and I want to reach out to you to see if we can be of assistance. My team handles Internet related complaints as well as complaints that come to the executive branch. We do value you as Sears customer and would be interested in speaking to you in order to assist. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the mattress was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name Egalicki for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Stephanie L.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


Yes in a fog of frustration aggravation I just pasted it all in - happens sometimes in these anger stages

And I probably don't care if Sears hears about it and wants to threaten me to take it off.


You realize that just because you included an address, that doesn't make this website a Post Office and it doesn't make your text a letter in a stamped envelope. So you're dumb, and this letter will go nowhere.