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I purchased a NordicTrack elliptical mid November 2012. About a month later I called because of a banging and scraping sound.

I purchased a 3 year service contract, so follow up for the problem would be covered. It took a month (maybe more?) from start to finish, from the time I made the complaint, to the time the repair part was installed. Within 10 minutes of using my elliptical after the repair was made, the banging and scraping continues in exactly the same way. I felt the technician who helped me was competent and not part of the problem.

I believe it is a design flaw with the machine. I call customer service (which would be another whole separate complaint with regard the treatment I received) and in the end, I am told, I am now beyond the 60 window to return this machine. I am also told, that Sears does not service NordicTrack, and it's NordicTrack who is at fault that it took a month for the repair. Even tho I paid SEARS for the service contract, they claim they are no longer involved.

They are washing their hands of me. My husband and I have a very long history with Sears and have purchased numerous and varied products. This will be the very last dollar that will be paid to Sears.

What they have done is unethical. I plan to visit every single outlet on the World Wide Web and let everyone know the shifty service contract they sold to me as well as the way in which they stand behind their products.

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