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In late August 2020, I scheduled a repair that I then cancelled before the service call occurred. Shortly afterwards I called Sears Warranty to request a refund of the $100 deductible that was charged to my credit card.

Below is a brief summary of my calls attempting to obtain the refund.

9/7/20: I called for deductible refund. Was told the service request was still open and needed to be closed to trigger a refund. Refund will come in 5-7 business days, which is 9/14-16.

9/25/20: No refund yet. I called and was told the same thing as on 9/7, that the request was open and needed to be closed to trigger refund.

10/7/20: No refund yet.

I called and was told it would be escalated since its been over a month. As soon as they have an appointment, theyll call me.

10/23/20: No refund yet. No one called me. I called and was told the status shows as cancelled and closed, so this isnt the same status as previous calls.

Rep will escalate it to a supervisor, will receive refund within 7-10 business days although will expedite it to be sooner.

11/20/20: No refund yet. I called and was told it should have been sent by now, so rep will resubmit it to accounts payable, who will process it and send a paper check in the mail within 7-10 business days.

1/4/21: No refund yet. I called and told the rep it has been 4 months and everyone tells me the same thing, that its been taken care of and Ill get a check in the mail, but no results. Rep said will escalate to a supervisor, I said thats been done multiple times already so that isnt working.

Rep sent an email to a supervisor, no response for quite some time. Rep said could request someone call me back, I said thats been done before and no one calls me. I asked for a supervisor or an escalation contact I can speak with. Eventually spoke with a supervisor, who will request reimbursement.

She said it would be refunded to the credit card.

Length of this call (45 minutes): 15 minutes waiting to speak to first rep, then 25 minutes explaining the history and waiting for someone else to speak with, then about 5 minutes speaking with supervisor. I include the timeframe for this call for reference, since Ive had a similar time investment for all the previous calls.

Note that the above doesnt include multiple calls that no one ever answered after very extended wait times.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Allen, Texas

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