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Last year I purchase and installed two Sears Garage Door Openers (Model 139.53918D) which the 1 year Warranty expires on 7/15/2013. Per the Owners Manual there is an Additional Limited Warranty on Parts from the 91st day up to 3 year from the date of purchase.

From day one after installing the openers I have had problems with each Smart Control Panel not working properly. The Smart Control Panel would not open/close the doors; the time, phote cell and thermometer function worked most of the time. As a work around to open and close my garage doors and not usign the Smart Controls (one for each opener I have) I used the 3-Function Visor Remote Control which was programmed for each garage door unit. We'll now the Visor Remote no longer works (tried replaced the battery and reprogramming it) and I found the only way I can get the Smart Control Panels to work is by removing the black Push Bar cover and pushing either of the two small buttons.

So in summary I have two Smart Control Panels that will only work with the Push Bar cover removed (exponsure to electrical connections) and a Visor remote that does not work. When I called SEARS to have them send me replacement openers/remotes they said I must have a Certified Technicial first validate the problem at a minimum Service charge of $79 before they will provide replacement parts. So my dilema is SEARS wants me to incur a Technician Charge at a minimum costs of $79 before they will send me replacement parts that are covered for 3 years at free of charge replacement. This mandatory Technician fee by SEARS is not stated in the Warranty document.

The Warranty document provided states I pay for labor but in my case I can perform the installation/setup labor myself.

So in summary with out paying a Technician fee I have no Warrany coverage on defective parts beyond the first 90 days of purchase. I just need SEARS to send me the replacement parts (two Smart Control Panels/model 139.53908 & 41A6317 and 1 Security 3-Button Remote Control/model 139.53753.) I will be more than happy to mail them the defective parts to diagnose.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $224.

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Go to home depot and buy a 2 $ doorbell button and forget about it , best fix for only 2 dollars, who really needs time and temp from a garage door opener in the first place .......geez.


As a repair tech , I believe there is more wrong with your problem than what you think , to have 1 part fail ,it happens , 2 parts fail somethings wrong , 3 part s fail thats a red flag, your problem is bigger than 2 buttons and a remote , the two wall buttons are on a wire connected to two different motors , for both of them go go bad at same time has never happen to me 16 yrs installing garage door openers , and a remote ......very rare. Someone needs to look at both your systems , you elect source may have something to do with it or the new light bulbs may be affecting it also , refrigerators can interfere also , air compressors, get it checked out by a pro .


Well its April 2014 and these garage door controllers still suck. I called 3 times and no one would help me with my dead Smart Control Panel.

The unit goes dead when the lock button is pressed. Got it for Xmas and installed it Jan 2, 2014; it died 4/18. I have a 36 month parts warrenty that appears to cost $120.00 to use. I have been a Sears customer for over 30 years solely for the service.

Now it appears I will get the same service as Home Depot and Costco.

No reason to use Sears.


I have the very same model and have had nothing but quirky problems. I am happy with how quite the door is now but the LCD Wall Console sucks.

The light may or may not come on when I go into the garage. The temperature and clock works at times. The worst problem is that the garage door will open on its' own. No fun coming home or waking up in the morning and finding the garage door open.

I finally disconnected the wall console. No more Sears for me.


I purchased the Chamberlain Liftmaster 398LM 315Mhz Smart Control Panel which is compatible and it's 1/3 the price.


I have the same model, which the control panel started showing issues about 6 months after installation. 4 weeks later it no longer works. I can still open up my garage with the portable openers.

Its a shame that they use such cheap parts that break after 7 months and the warranty ends at 6 months.

Sears you dissapoint me.


You know what the problem is? In order to control panel on the wall, you have to remove the control bar (plastic button you push). When you put that control bar back on one of the tabs on the backside of the panel causes one of the switches to be depressed and STAY DEPRESSED. Really. The manufacturing tolerances must have been slightly off. This defect even makes it hard to remove the control bar without busting it. The workaround is to take a utility knife and shave off a VERY little bit of the tab that actuates the circuit board switch that way the control bar will release contact of the circuit board switch.

This is hard to explain... But I finally figured it out. It was working perfectly with the control bar off... But then jam. A garage door button when actuated is just a momentary short. If the button on the circuit panel stays shorted, it is like keeping your hand on the button, the other button won't do anything.

Clear... Very slightly trim the plastic tabs that actuate the little/tiny buttons on the circuit panel of the smart wall control.

I figured this out how? Because adding extra wall buttons directly from the head unit (door opener motor) was causing my clock on the main wall panel to go out... So I soldered a daisy chain port coming off the wall panel circuit board... When putting the control bar back on, I had issues. Tabs would push the circuit board button, door would open or close, but tab wouldn't release button... I couldn't figure out why the new port wouldn't actuate the door.

Again, manufacturing tolerances may be off on some units. TRIM VERY CAREFULLY the tabs, use very small increments to shave the plastic down. The button control bar should freely move back and forth when actuating... Not just one side of the bar, both!


I had a similar problem. Since I purchsed the same model garage door.

The motion sensor stopped working right after it was installed. I also had to remove the pushbar to open the door. The pushbar was broken and thrown away I tried to order a new one today from Sears Parts and was told for the waranty to cover anything after the 91st day, I would also have to pay a technician to verify that it should be covered. I have always purchased Craftsman as my father and grandfather.

I have learned my lesson.

They will not stand behind their product. Also the push bar is no longer available and I would need to replace the entire unit at $93.00.


Warranty covers manufacturer defects in material and workmanship unless a repair protection agreement is purchased for $14.99. The RPA covers everything including labor, diagnostics and annual check if requested.

Sears Response

Hello, Anonymous434296!

My name is Liz and I am with the Sears Cares escalations team. We are terribly sorry for the troubles you have been experiencing surrounding your garage door opener. From your post we can see that we certainly have let you down and would like to offer some assistance. We would like the opportunity to speak with you to ensure the issues with the repair are addressed and hopefully restore your faith in Sears. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name that you have been assigned to reference your post (Anonymous434296), to We look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you,

Liz R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support