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I have had problems with the wall console (41A6317) that is part of the Craftsman Garage Door Opener (13953918D) I purchased from Sears. When installing the garage door opener, the installer noticed 1 of the 2 sensors under the control bar (button to open or close garage door)was not working.

So I called Sears and they sent me a replacement wall console. The replacement worked for about 14 months and is now starting to fail. The motion sensor has gotten worse overtime and now only works about 40% of the time, the light button will only work after I have opened and closed the garage door, and I have to press the control button 2 or 3 times before the garage door will open. I know it is the wall console because the wireless keypad and the garage door openers in my 2 vehicles work flawlessly.

So I called Sears today and I was told by the person on the phone that he hasn't heard of anyone having problems with this console, in fact he doesn't think he has ever ordered one. When I asked about warranty on the item I was told it was out of warranty since I have had it replaced once already. I was also told it would cost me $119.05 to get a replacement, although they could help me save some money by shipping it to an authorized dealer. I was shocked by that price because I think I bought the entire unit for $209.

I would gladly return the broken console so they can diagnose the problem.

I just want to let anyone considering buying this garage door opener or a similar model of the problems I have had with the wall consoles.

Monetary Loss: $119.

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I have the same issue, have to push the button 3 or 4 times before it opens.


Found this thread after installing a model 139.53918D like others have. Everyone seems to have had better luck as the wall remote did not work out of the box.

Nor did the "programmed remotes" work as they were not recognized by the opener. After wasting over an hour, decided to treat the remotes as new and "learned" their codes. Worked after that. Ended up using the old wall mount.

What a POS my mom got stuck with. Hey SEARS, what really prompted this comment was you will sell us a new one for $113. Nothing like making $110 profit. I could buy a Kindle for less.

Think about it.

Not a happy camper. So long SEARS!


I've had the same exact problems with the control unit as described unfortunately, now today my remote has stopped communicating with the bad wall control. I purchased 2 model 13953918 garage door opener assemblies for side by side garage doors and had problems develop with one of the control units (model 41A6317) just after the warranty period ended.

When you talk to customer service they're not even sympathetic to your situation, just ready with the pre-canned "we'll send someone to your house to diagnose for a $75 fee and then give you an estimate to repair" spiel. Meanwhile you paid around $200 for this piece of garbage units and you'll get stuck with a bill for twice that at a minimum to repair it. NO THANKS SEARS! Hopefully I'll find an aftermarket replacement control unit and fix the problem myself once and for all.

I never needed the digital display unit showing me the temperature, making this piece of garbage control unit pre-disposed to failure by way of the cheap printed circuit board and moving parts that make it work. All I wanted was the quiet belt drive but in Sears quest to nickel and dime the consumer, they put out a cheaply made control unit destined to fail and generate repair revenue for this company which is trending in the wrong direction these days.

Same thing happened with a Sears water softener that the previous homeowner installed, ripped out that piece of garbage as well and had a PROFESSIONAL unit installed with a reliable electro-mechanical operation instead. Don’t waste your time with Sears water softeners too.

Too bad that I've previously spent THOUSANDS of dollars on my Craftsman ride on tractor and professional grade snowblower, among the other major Sears/Craftsman purchases over the years.

Wish I'd have patronized another brand that puts out a RELIABLE product that the manufacturer proudly stands behind. From here on out, and only if it's convenient for me, I'll merely stick with the lifetime warranted hand tools and that's about it. Sears will NEVER see my dollars spent on any of their products, including my pending kitchen appliance purchase that will top $5k (and the customer reviews of Kenmore appliances aren’t all too shabby either….notice a trend here?). If the price is right I'll probably buy these non-Kenmore appliances at Sears though just to take advantage of being able to play with their money interest free for a few years.

You've now lost a faithful customer for good on any big purchases Sears.

When you hear the stories about Sears hanging on for dear life in the retail business it should come as no surprise. Gone are the days when Sears was reliable and put out a product that was worth your money.


I have had the same problem. Bought it in 2009.

It's been troublesome for the last 2 years or do. Worse in winter months.


I have had the same exact problem. Usually the whole device just shuts down for weeks and randomly works for a couple of days than goes off again.

I am on my second device and it does the same exact thing as the first.

Craftsmen and Sears have turned into a joke.


Cheapest, most unreliable controller I have ever owned. The black plastic opener button bar almost never worked so I tore it off and use either of the two tiny blue buttons inside to operate the door.

The controller just seems to go to sleep every few days. The display goes black and the motion sensor quits so I have to open the door to wake up the unit (sadly, for only a few more days).

This is my first and last Craftsman garage door opener. I expected more.


Count me in. Same problems with "Smart Control Panel" part #41A6317.

Open/Close button frequently fails to work after repeated presses. Sometimes the screen will go black - like it's rebooting (time requires resetting when this happens). My system has only been installed since May 2014. This is Craftsmen door opener model 139.53918D.

The logic board on the opener has also failed since it was installed. Extremely disappointed! Sears demands a tech come out to fix it which of course requires labor charges. There's a 14 year old Craftsman opener right next to this one that's still going string.

Sears has really gone down hill. I will NEVER buy another garage door opener from them again.


I, too, have had the same exact problem. I purchased two of them and only one is causing problems.

The lcd screen will not "hold" the time and goes blank / black every so often. All remotes (4 or so) to this door work, but not the wired wall unit PN 41A6317.

I just purchased one on ebay for $38.00... avg price was around $54.00.

Only problem I've ever had with either of the openers is this one controller...maybe I should purchase another one...If so many are having issues, i'm sure my other one will go eventually...sad.



As I was looking, this morning, for a replacement for this wall control I decided to see if others have had problems. Amazing to read that other have, even more amazing is the phone support person claiming they had never heard of a problem.

HA!!!! After having a problem with this control for much over a year I solved the problem, and created another, by ripping it off the wall.

Replaced it with a standard wall button that is working flawlessly. Of course the features, which didn't work most of the time, of the original are gone.


I have been having the same exact issues, the opener opens fine from the wireless openers but the 41a6317 has always been problematic. I called the number in my warrantee page 41 for a replacement and all they wanted to do was to schedule a repairman to come out.

I told them that I did not need a service tech when I installed the opener and I do not need one to replace a defective part.

They gave me another number and when I called for replacement part once again they wanted to send out a service tech. When I explained I only wanted a replacement I was told I am out of warrantee.

I read them the warrantee printed on pg 41 of the manual the person gave me list of restrictions why they will not honor what is printed in the warrantee book on page 41. When I asked them to read what was on pg 41 they transferred me to a service tech who told me they would honor the warrantee if I scheduled a service tech to come out.

I explained all I wanted was a replacement part and I received a bit of an attitude telling me call craftsman which sears has nothing to do with. I said thats weird because the only reason I bought from sears is that craftsman was their brand and they had always stood behind it. I could have purchased from Lowes or Home Depot but I had always believed that Sears stood behind their products. She gave me a number for Craftsman and when I called it was a fax machine.

I had to callback and speak to someone else for the proper number and I had to start the whole process over again.

I miss the Sears that stood behind the craftsman name. I once was willing to pay more for what I perceived to be great service, but I will not pay for lack of service.


I have had the same issue, although my unit is now 3 years old. kind of a raw deal that the part that breaks cost half as much at the entire unit does new. other than that the garage door opener works just fine.


Cut your losses and go buy one from another company. We finally,ditched ours and the new one is so much better

Sears Response

Dear ninjprte,

Thank you for posting your concerns with your garage door open wall pad. Its our goal to provided top quality products that will last for our members and can see you not dissatisfied with our product.

My name is Isaac and I am a moderator for the Sears Social Network support team. We would like to put you in direct contact with a member of our case management team that will look into this situation again for you and if there is any kind of resolution we can provide for you. .

Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (ninjprte), and the phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com.

Thank you,

Isaac D.

Social Media Moderator

Social Media Support Team

@Sears Response

Same problem here from day one?

@Sears Response

I too have the exact same problem of the wall pad working intermittently. Problem started about 9 months after installation.

Had Sears techs out three times already and they fiddle around with the pad and wiring and it works again. Customer service is useless, techs can't seem to answer any technical questions. Service calls were never on time. Today my 8-12 window ended up being 4 pm and they don't seem to care.

The unit was installed just over a year ago and I would expect Sears to replace the wall mount free of charge but they won't. Lifelong (over 40 years) Sears customer but not anymore.

@Sears Response

I have been having the same problem with the wall mount unit. 41A6317.

I had a remote hanging on it so I could open and close it from the entry door. When it stopped working I called sears about it. The lady on the end advised me the warranty was out and asked if I bought extended warranty. I said no, her reply "see you should have bought it" So I understand their product is such garbage and they know it, you need "protection insurance".

Kind of like the mafia warning you, "Pay up or bad things could happen". I have been a loyal sears customer for over 30 years. Appliances and tools. etc.

No more.

Cheap ***. Replacement cost for the wall unit, half the price of an entire new opener.

Byte me.