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7-18-12 we purchased a Kenmore model #153330290 gas hot water heater. It was installed on 7-28-12.

May 24th 2013 it went out. Call Sears service and was advised a) it was not under warranty and b) it would be 1-2 days before a technician would be here. Called a local plumbing contractor who was here within 90 minutes. The part that needed to be replaced was proprietary-call Sears.

His bill was $100. Sears service arrived on 5-28-13, 6-15-13 and 6-19-13. That unit went out 3 times and, as was discovered from their first visit, covered under the warranty plan, the same plan that was denied on the first call. All three times it was the same part that was replaced and all 3 times the technician (different techs) gave me a different reason for the failure.

The gas valve is a technological poc and the third repair was the charm. We broke down and bought a new heater but not a Kenmore. I'm now in the process of submitting a claim for the original costs of purchase, installation and repair bill. We'll see how far that goes, but I'm prepared to take legal action if necessary.

In the meantime avoid their Kenmore Model # 153330290. In my opinion it's a lemon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

Monetary Loss: $975.

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Yes! Junk!

I have the same model and the relief valve failed 11 months after it was installed. Called and they would not send me a new one, said I had to have a technician make a service call for $100 and they would determine if the valve was faulty. Have to replace the thermacouple (2nd one in two years!). And it made a loud hum every time the burner turned on.

Sears is aware of the issue but will not recall/repair it under warranty.

The sound is vibration coming from a heat shield in on the back side of the burner. Will NEVER buy Kenmore or anything from Sears again!


I purchases the same water in 2014 and it just stopped working. My plumber says it's the thermocoupler/thermofile which is a $24 part however Sears not longer has it available, so the alternate is to buy the entire burner assembly which costs $375!

According to the customer services reps, the parts are covered but not the labor. I have to pay a technician $79 to do a diagnostic test, determine the part then order it.

Then I have to pay to have the part installed. Thanks for sharing


I am so glad to hear that someone is going to take legal action against Sears.

Most of the shady things they do to people would not stand up in a court of law. They seem to bank on people's inability to afford a lawyer in the first place.

I think once people figure this out Sears will fall like a deck of cards.

I hope you win your case. Good luck.