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My husband and I purchased a top of the line Sterns & Foster queen size bed from Sears in Lynnwood, Wa in August 2011. Our box spring began to squeak. We called Sears and shared our concern. We were asked to take up to 12 pictures of our mattress set, box spring specifically and use a string and do measurements taking pictures. First of all, how to you photograph a squeak? Second of all, when I see your CEO on CNN bragging how Sears takes anything back, you do not even need a receipt this is a blatant lie! We do have our receipt. Now, we are having to pay a delivery fee to have our replacement box spring delivered. Your dispatch called yesterday to confirm our delivery of our box spring today (May 25, 2012) between 11-12pm. We just received a call from Sears this morning informing us that our delivery was cancelled due to an error. My husband took off work to be here today for our delivery and now it is not happening. This is not acceptable customer service! You can tell your CEO it isn't about building a better website that will attract customers to your store, it's about how you treat them once they make a purchase. I feel we should have been able to drive our box spring right back to your door step of your store and return it without a receipt just like Mr. D' Ambrosio claimed your return policy works! Well, it doesn't even work with a receipt and then getting hit with a delivery fee on top of it is pitiful! It is customer service errors that are driving your customers away and sadly you can add us to that list!

Jill & Bryan

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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