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On May 17, 2008 I ordered many items including a bed foundation for a friend who relocated to Austin, TX. Everything was delivered via UPS except the foundation, because it is a bulky item.

The delivery was scheduled for May 27th, a delivery person called myself and my friend in Austin, the morning of, to confirm delivery. There was no delivery and it was rescheduled for the next day, because they claimed no one was home. Again, there was no delivery the 28th. The person recieving the foundation then called the delivery company who stated that the foundation had been delivered. After being informed of the mistake, the company stated that they would get back to my friend in Austin, and never did.

Therefore, I, the billing party, contacted at MINIMUM 11 times since June 8th and August 18th, according to my phone records. Where I was given the run around, transferred from department to department, and at times hung up on. I talked to so many representatives and delivery specialists, but NEVER ONCE recieved an e-mail or a call stating that they were further investigating my case. At one point, one representative gave be a reimbursement of the item, and when I called back for the reimbursement of the delivery charge, they retracted the entire reimbursement. They acted like I was trying to get a free foundation! I had supposidly: 3 Ship Confirms and 3 Manifests to further investigate my delivery.

The last straw was when, number 1, the representatives began saying they couldn't see my order on the computer anymore because it had been over 45 days, and to basically forget about it. Number 2, the representatives couldn't even transfer me to somewhere in to file a direct complaint. I got the repairs and restoration department instead!

Consequently I had to buy an entire bed from JC Penney (which got there). Eventually, through another review online, I found out that they may respond if a complaint is filed with the Better Business Bureau. So I filed a complaint on 8/18/08, recieved an apologetic phone call on 8/22/08, as well as my entire reimbursement. While I NEVER recieved a written apology from Sears nor the countless of HOURS back that I spent on the phone with them, I eventually DID get my money back. I am SO DISGUSTED with, that I will NEVER do any business with them again and Im telling EVERYONE I know about this too.

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