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Ordered fitness equipment with delivery and installation (and warranty).

No call before the delivery men arrived. They barely spoke any English, and it was hard to communicate. My wife is Mexican, so she had to get home to help me talk to them.

They at first told me they wouldn't install it.

Then 15 min later told me sears hadn't paid them and that I would have to pay out of pocket... They actually tried extorting me in my own home.

Then asked if it was OK to scratch up my floors moving it in... the guy in charge had the balls to tell me my floors were already scratched up and it wouldn't make a difference.

Then the three of them banged up my stairway wall taking everything up.

Then it became obvious that these guys don't know how to actually install it. The stared at the manual for a half hour and complained to me that there were no Spanish instructions.

The started putting everything together... incorrectly. The stripped the bolts and even the allen wrench, rendering the elliptical broken.

The delivery guys sent a picture of the broken elliptical to their boss. He confirmed that they had broken the unit...

I walked out for ten minutes to call Sears support. When I came back, I found my wife being yelled at by the guy in charge. He cut her off multiple times, and was very rude from that point onwards.

He then asked if it was OK if his guys installed it incorrectly anyways. Really? I told them no. obviously...

I go into another room because the service people call me back... When I come out, the delivery guys are gone. They left without telling me.

They left a huge mess in the room . Parts everywhere. The left a mess of Styrofoam and cardboard on my lawn. They dragged mud all through the house and carpet.

This is outrageous. These were some shady people. There is now a broken unit in a room I can't use for the next 4 days, as I wait for Sears to send a new unit and hope for the best.

I took the day off work and lost a few hundred dollars, only to be demanded money and have my wife disrespected in my own home.

I was told by Sears that I would be getting a call that night from a Mr. Johnston, the guy in charge of fitness goods. No call and it's been 3 days.

The people who promised to schedule pickup and delivery of the new unit on Wednesday screwed up and instead scheduled someone to install the one they broke on Monday... after the installers told me that it was broken beyond repair. I had to make an hour's worth of phone calls just to make them fix the scheduling.

So, this Wednesday I'm getting delivery of another unit. I paid extra for Saturday delivery. This has been a nightmare. I now have no faith in Sears, their services, products, or warranties.

At the very least, I expect them to refund my delivery and installation. I'm also requesting that they throw in my warranty for peace of mind. This has gone above and beyond what anyone should have to deal with. This would never have happened at ***'s or Sports Authority...

If Sears won't comply with my requests for a refund of delivery, install, and warranty... I will tell them to pick the unit up at my home in 24 hours, or else the unit will be thrown to the street. I will dispute the charges, and call the police if necessary to investigate the workers who demanded money.

If they have any sense of morality or customer service, Sears would make this right for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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sears has also done me in a similar delivery and I will no longer shop there. customer service is the worst