I am writing to place a formal complaint about a recent delivery. I did already file a complaint with customer service and the department manage, however, I feel this should be brought to the attention of the Corporate Office as well.

Recently, my fiancee and I ordered a washer, dryer and refrigerator from the Sears store located on Cottman Ave in Philadelphia, PA. We were scheduled to have everything delivered last Monday, December 10th between 1:30 and 3:30 pm. The gentlemen delivering the items (Nathaniel and Jay) were two hours late with no phone call. Upon arrival they brought the washer and dryer in and everything was fine. When they came in with the refrigerator they refused to remove the doors, thus scratching the front doors of the appliance. In addition to scratching the refrigerator, they damaged the interior walls of our living room. We sent the damaged refrigerator back and had another delivery scheduled for Friday, December 14th.

Once Nathaniel and Jay left, my fiancee went to get his keys to lock the house and run some errands. We have not yet moved into our home so it is vacant. There is no furniture anywhere. This is relevant because when my fiancee went to get his keys, they were gone. We searched every inch of the house (including but not limited to our yard, the bushes, the toilets, under the sinks, etc). They keys are no where to be found.

I am not saying that the keys were "stolen." I am simply saying that there were only 3 people in the house. My fiancee and 2 Sears delivery men. We are now out $741 to get the car locks changed and $150 for the locks on our house to be changed. We did cancel the order on the refrigerator.

I did call Customer Service and they were very polite and apologetic. When I spoke with the Department Manager, James Rodriguez, he was rude and extremely unhelpful. He did not offer to look into anything for me. I asked him to check the truck for the keys, as perhaps they could have ended up in there by mistake. I asked him to ask Nathaniel and Jay about the missing keys and he refused, stating "our guys didn't take your keys. They go through an extensive screening process and have been here for 4 years."

With all due respect, I am not stating that Nathaniel and Jay "stole" our house/car keys. I am simply stating that, perhaps, they were taken by mistake. I could easily see myself taking a friends keys thinking they were my own. What bothers me about this situation is that something was taken from my home and no one from Sears seems to care. I was not able to go to my house for three days because someone else had the keys to my front door. We are unable to park our car at our house because someone else has the keys to the car. We had to have my 72 year old father-in-law come to our home and remove the few items we has moved in.

I have always shopped in Sears stores and have always been happy with the products purchased and the quality of service. I will no longer be shopping in your stores, nor will I recommend that anyone else shops there. If some type of apology, investigation, or offer of reimbursement for our losses was offered I would be less inclined to make this decision. I will be writing reviews on any site that I can to tell this story. I realize there is probably "nothing" you can do since this is my word against theirs, but the fact remains that something was taken from my home. Whether it was accidental or deliberate, I don't know. What I do know is that I am no longer comfortable being at my home because the keys to my house are in someone else's hands.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this message. I hope you have a pleasant holiday season.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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