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In July of 2009, we visited the Sears store "Hometown Store" located in Jerseyville, Illinois. It was their grand opening. We were looking at a new front end washer and dryer. Our old one worked just fine. We were just up grading. I ask the clerk the price. She told me the price. Then she said there was a $75.00 delivery charge. I asked to talk to the manager. She said, I am the store manager. I stated that I would not pay for the delivery. As we were leaving the store she stopped us and said wait there was a coupon we could fill out and mail to Sears to get the $ 75.00 delivery back. We bought the washer and drier, filled out the coupon mail it in and waited. Two weeks ago (December 11, 2009) we stopped by the store and the salesman told men we could not get 0% finance and free delivery. I stated that is not what the Store Manager stated to me. We stopped in on (December 18, 2009) and talked to the store manager. She stated to me again that I could not get the $ 75.00 refund on the delivery. I e-mailed Sears asking for the Regional Manager. No one will give me the regional manager's name. I statement to people buying from Sears is to ask for the Regional Manager's name.

The Store is: Hometown Stores (Sears) 1679 South State Street Jerseyville, Illinois 62052 618-942-8400. My name is John Reif R.R. 3 box 230A Carrollton, Illinois 62016 e-mail

Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Coupon.

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so you bought your washer and dryer in july, then you came back in december hoping to get the current promotion? hah.

You told them "I will not pay for delivery." what do you think this is?

ebay? you cant negotiate or haggle the prices.


I purchased a dishwasher from Sears in Rocky Mount, NC. Picked it up myself & they were suppose to deliver it in couple of days.

Well the manager didn't care & the one to install it didn't care, which names r Susan or Suzanne, manager, & Greg, installer. Well he kept putting my father off. Though he was something. Well people out there never buy from Sears, I mean NEVER!!!!

What I have been thru that store shold be shut down. Never seen anything like it. They don't care, as long as u buy it, then ur in *** after getting anything done by them.

Take my advice again NEVER buy anything from them & those people shoule be fired. Bye

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