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On 12/30/14 my washer/dryer broke. Within an hour of it breaking I was at Sears to purchase a new unit so life could continue as normal.

Upon purchase, I asked for same day delivery. They said the best they could do was delivery on 1/1/15. I reluctantly agreed. After I made the purchase, I was told that delivery would actually be on 1/2/15.

On 1/2/15 I was awoken slightly after 7am (on a very rare day off from work) to confirm my delivery time of 4-6pm that day. At 6pm, I called to find out that the delivery was running late. About an hour after that I was called to be told the delivery would need to be rescheduled. Delivery was rescheduled to 1/4/15.

Once again I was roused from sleep at the crack of dawn to confirm I would be home for the delivery time. Upon arrival of the truck, the installation team complained my pipes were old, so they couldn't disconnect the old hoses despite my having purchased new stainless steel ones for use with the new unit, and that I would need to go to Home Depot to purchase a different dryer vent despite my having ordered a new one from Sears. They then advised that the washer door was broken. They took my old unit and left the new ones strewn about in my garage with a promise that I would be called to arrange delivery of a different washer for installation.

I found out the new washer will be delivered on 1/6/15 only because I called the hotline. The hotline offered me a 10% off coupon. This is insulting considering they are trying to get me to spend more money at a store I am completely dissatisfied with. What they should be doing is applying that 10% off to the current purchase of washer/dryer and/or providing me with a sizable gift card for a laundry service to cover my additional expenses doing laundry outside of my home during this week-long delay in delivery of the unit.

The 1-800 number claimed they were unable to comply with this request and I would need to contact the store (typical pass the buck and give the customer the run around). I have no faith that Tuesday Sears will make this right. Next time- I will be going to Brandsmart.

Sears is not going to succeed as a company because they abandoned the motto they themselves created many years ago. Sears no longer believes the customer is right- they now believe the customer's time, money and patience should be abused.

Reason of review: Delivery, damage and poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Sears Cons: Poor customer service, Service, Delivery experience, Home delivery.

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