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I had purchased a new refrig. and freezer the day after Thanksgiving and was given a delivery date of 12/19/08. Then I come home tonight and find out that date has now been changed to 12/26/08.

I was so furious I called the 800's (delivery dept) and basically told it was on backorder. I thought they would of known that when I ordered but guess not. Of course I complained to them then called the local store where i purchased and also headquarters in Hoffman Estates, IL. Actually headquarters basically told me that they had so many sales that caused the back order. It appears your delivery date gets moved back. I told them then it appears Sears doesn't need anymore customers.

I was going to get on the website and put my complaint out there but was shocked to find Sears has a lot of complaints out there and I am just another statics.

I should of checked this website out before for complaints and would of known. Why would I think Sears would rectify my problem when it appears they have done nothing to rectify the other complaints out there.

So I have decided since Sears has too much business and doesn't need anymore I will get a refund of my merchandise and will purchase a refrig. and freezer from another store who would appreciate my business.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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Sears sells stuff all the time that they can't deliver. I've been trying to get a $2000.00 bed that I paid them for a month ago.

Not only that, but they lie about it. Make up all sorts of excuses "bad weather", "truck broke down" all kinds of nonsense. They won't just come right out and tell you that it's out of stock because they know if they did, you'd go someplace else and buy it. It's not like you can't get beds at any furniture store.

Worse than that is we've been held hostage. Every Saturday we're promised delivery and then, nothing. We can't plan anything for the entire day because you don't know until the night before when they're comming and then you find out half an hour after the time window that they're not coming at all. It's like they're mocking us or something.

They call and taunt us with promises of a bed knowing that they aren't going to deliver anything. Not just once or twice, but over and over like it's some kind of IQ test to see how big of an *** does business with Sears. I feel like such a fool. Emotionally abused by truck drivers pretending to care.

Everyone you talk to is extremely polite and apologetic and respectful. You can tell they've had lots of practice snowing people. Sometimes you can tell they can hardly hold in the giggles until after you hang up. Who else treats people this way?

I don't even care about the money any more, I just want the harassment to stop.

Stop texting me, stop calling me, please just make it stop. I'll sleep on the floor for the rest of my life if you just stop bothering me, Sears.