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One month later:

I received a credit on my credit card yesterday. It was a day less than one month for Sears to give me all my money back. What amazed me was that I was told I had to go to the store to have them return my money for the installation charges. When I got to the store, they told me someone at the corporate office credited me already. When I checked my credit card online, the money did not show up.

So, not only did the store not help me, I didn\'t need to go there. I felt my time was once again wasted by the organization.

Sear\'s data systems are also suspect. The store printed out their documents saying the credit was done on the 12th. On the 14th it finally showed up on the credit card, claiming the card was credited on the 11th. I can understand if it was the other way around: credited first, then processed. This is reversed: Sears says they submitted the credit on one day and the credit card website says it was processed the day before. Is Sears\' database system trustworthy?

I did receive a call from a different member of the executive team because she heard I was not satisfied with how the original executive handled the case. She was correct that I was less than satisfied. It turns out she was no better at helping me. It seems Sears washes its hands when it comes to the level of service provided by organizations they contract with. This makes me wonder where else in their organization they have this same problem.

Original review posted by user Sep 15, 2011

I went to Sears to find a refrigerator that they had in stock. I informed the salesman my concern for a specific delivery date. He assured me that he had verified the item was in stock and the delivery date was fine. The evening before the delivery date, I received an automated machine that called me to tell me the delivery window would be between 2:15 and 4:15 the following day.

I arrived at the delivery location around 2PM. When no truck showed up by 4:45, I called Sears' delivery call center. I was told the driver would call me shortly to let me know what the new estimated arrival time will be. At 5:15, I called again to find out when I would be getting that phone call from the driver. I was told that the dispatcher would call me within 15 minutes.

Thirty minutes later (5:45), I called the service center again, and asked to talk to a manager. I was put on hold for over five minutes. The service person came back on the line to tell me the manager was on the line and he would transfer me. Five minutes of being on hold again, the phone call was disconnected. Shortly after 6PM, I called again and asked for a manager. I was immediately hung up on. I called back right away. I was put on an indefinite hold (17 minutes).

At 6:30, I called again. I asked the service person to not put me on hold. They said they understood my concern. Nonetheless, they put me on hold. Five minutes later, I was still on hold.

I called back at 6:42, talked to another service person. That person agreed to not put me on hold for more than five minutes. They came back on the call two minutes later and asked for a couple more minutes. I agreed. Four minutes later, they came back on the phone and informed me the following: The truck was heading back to the warehouse (about five minutes from the warehouse) to move the item to another truck and they would be heading to the delivery location in about 30 minutes. I was to expect the truck between 7:30 and 7:45.

At 8PM, I called back again. At that call, I was told the item was not being delivered until some unknown future date. The warehouse was closed and nobody was there to talk to. The Sears person I was speaking to would not make any promises to me of any kind of future date.

I should point out, that at no time, was I ever called by anyone beyond the first automated call the evening before. All promised calls never occurred. No delivery promises were fulfilled.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $535.

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Dear "another pissed consumer",

I understand your reaction. I learned from my many hours of trying to get resolution that Sears "cares", BUT not enough to change their policies or method of doing business. Nor will they take the time to offer a full disclosure of how their business practices makes them powerless to help their customers like you. Believe me. I've been up and down the organization. The moment you involve a delivery or support person, you are no longer working with Sears, and what I learned about the contract Sears has with the delivery person is it has no "service level agreement" that protects your interests. From what I can tell, once your item is in the hands of the delivery company, Sears washes its hands and considers outside their responsibility. If the delivery company decides to postpone your delivery, you have no recourse.

My best suggestion to you is to stop using Sears. I had a need for a high-end washer and dryer this week. I went to Lowes and had it installed the next day. The delivery people came at the beginning of the two hour window and were efficient. Moreover, when I saw your post, I checked the Sears price on the same item I bought. I got it cheaper at Lowes without the headaches.

I routinely spend a great deal of money on both my house and my rentals. I will not give Sears, or any of its holding companies, another penny of my money. Not until they change their delivery and service policies to be more customer oriented.

I'm sorry you had to experience Sears at their "finest".


@SearsCares: What the heck is Why would anyone send email to a suspicious address with any kind of details?

I'm sitting here waiting for a fridge to be delivered.

It's 2 hours and 15 minutes after the end of the delivery window. No one at Sears seems to know what company is actually going to (maybe) deliver it.


I consider this a Sears issue and not the problem of any contracted third party. It seems Sears can, and has not, included in their contracts a service level agreement to address issues such as this.

Moreover, when a Sears representative promises to call back, AND DOES NOT, I blame Sears directly.

From my perspective, Sears failed so badly that I have taken all my business elsewhere. I cancelled over $10K worth of open orders and found companies who have already shown better customer service. My rental properties are now getting the vendor support needed - from supplies that do what they say.

I grew up learning that the only thing we have is our word. Sears proved to me how little they value their words.


Fifth review I read, and I'm not surprised but I do apologize for this. I've recently started in Sears and I must say I'm absolutley appalled at how this company manages it's logistics.

At the store level we more often than not strive to give the best customer service possible, but once things are set for delivery it seems everything is out of the company's control it's beyond ridiculous. The executive team is more worried about stock buy backs than actually fixing their problems at the customer level.


Anonymous Sears Worker,

I disagree that Sears Corporate does not have the power to fix it. They are the ones who contracted with the delivery company. If they cannot negotiate a better deal, then they are responsible for the mess they create. Their inability to see this needs correcting is what is causing the problem.

In the end, I no longer care. I will not be buying anything from Sears or Sears-related companies.


This is something that happens way too often. I love the company I work for and at the store level everything works alost good.

Main problem we face as associates trying to provide good service to our customers is that Sears has the same frustrating process for us. Sears utilizes delivery contractors as well as installation contractors whom they have no control over. For example, Sears contracts Company X to manage delivery in a area, that company contracts driver Y to do the deliveries. Driver Y contracts helper Z.

By the time the contracting is done none of the people involved with the appliance have he vision or mission of SEARS and are just getting things done to get paid. No even corporate has the power or knowledge to fix this.


Dear Susan,

I escalated this issue to the Sears Executive Team this morning. What I learned is that even the Executive team's case manager did nothing more than simply push the delivery out to next week.

Between the repeated long holds (some when instructed not to put me on hold), the lack of follow through, and the inaccurate advice, I have canceled my order. I have also cancelled all my orders from any Sears-related organization.

What I have learned from this experience is the Sears Executive Team can not only not recognize when Sears is at fault, they have no control over their company and its methods of doing business.

What upset me more than anything before today was after missing the window by over two hours, I was promised by Sears that the truck item was being put on a different truck to be delivered approximately 30 minutes later. When an hour passed, it was ME who had to, once again, call back to discover it would not be delivered.

What upset me even more today is that the Executive team is unable manage the company.

The only noteworthy item from this entire experience was when I called the Executive Team back to cancel the order (which, for some reason could not be done right away), the case manager called me back to confirm that the order was cancelled.

I spent the rest of this morning, cancelling thousands of dollars worth of orders from Sears and Sears holdings and will never use any Sears-related company for any rentals I own (or any personal work either).

Sorry, Susan, I cannot imagine your department has more power than the Sears Executive Team.