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I purchased a window air conditioning unit from the local Sears store. I was helped select the unit size and was offered delivery and installation service for an additional $89. The delivery and installation service price was admittedly high (it was a very small unit and a simple installation) but since I am not supposed to carry/lift anything over 30 lbs. I agreed to let them deliver and install the unit. The service clerk checked his schedule and said that the delivery/installation would be in 2 days and that Sears would call the night before to give me a time. Everything seemed ok at that point.

Needless to say, Sears did not call the night before. Rather, they called the day they were to deliver and told me that they could not deliver/install that day and would do it the next day. I told them that the next day would not be possible because I would not be in town and was going to be gone for several days. The clerk immediately said, "Well, who told you we were going to deliver/install the unit today anyway?" I told her that she just did when she first called, then I told her that my sales clerk told me so, and that my sales receipt clearly said that it would be today. Rudely, she said she would check and see if she could work it out and would call me that afternoon.

The afternoon call didn't happen, so at 4:15 p.m. I called Sears to inquire why I hadn't gotten delivery or even a phone call back as I was told. They kept me on hold for over 40 minutes, burning up my cell phone minutes, and said that they would make some calls. They said that if my receipt said that delivery and installation was for today, then it should have been done. I was transferred to a woman who identified herself as a manager who could "fix the problem." She said she would call the local service area installers and "pull some strings" and get the unit installed. She said she would call me back.

She called me back after 30 minutes and told me that they would not be delivering/installing the unit today because the installer said he did not want to drive to my house or do anymore work today. Then she started blaming the sales clerk for scheduling the delivery for today. The sales clerk was the ONLY one that did a good job. He sold the item, and scheduled the delivery on their computerized inventory and delivery scheduling system. There was NOTHING that he did wrong.

After spending the greater part of the day waiting on Sears and with a sore ear from hours on the phone I realized the inevitable...that Sears had no intention of following through on their promises.

I then went back to the store where I purchased the item and requested a full refund of my money. The clerk asked what the problem was and I was relaying the story to him when he asked if I would tell his department manager. His department manager came over and I was telling her my ordeal and she said that I was not the only customer that was having this problem, in fact they had done the EXACT SAME THING to another customer on this same day. She admitted that their delivery/install contractors were horrible and that they were running off a lot of their customers. The store personnel were upset that they couldn't get management to do anything about it.

I ended up going to one of Sears competitors and bought a better unit for $20 less and paid my "pretty happy to do it" son to carry it and help me install it. Saved myself a pretty penny and it was bought, delivered and installed in under 30 minutes. My net gain $109. minus the steak I owe my son.

Would I even consider buying from Sears again? NO WAY!

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