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I purchased a home in my 50s, now live alone, had a washer and dryer delivered by Sears. The installation team told me about Sears' Home Warranty.

I'd looked at home warranties online but was leery. However, I've always looked at Sears as a trustworthy company so I decided to try it. The first time I needed it was for my 'free' (included) annual furnace maintenance. I called Sept.

1st to schedule it. After many weeks of inaction, it was determined that there is no one in my area that contracts with Sears. I was put on a type of self referral, wherein I was to find someone to do the work and Sears would reimburse me. Thursday the furnace guy came and ended up red tagging my furnace.

I had no idea it was in such bad shape. The owner before me had it serviced regularly, but it appears the company that did the cleanings in reality did nothing for her. I called Sears Thursday afternoon, was given a direct number for the contractor of my choice to call with an authorization number. The contractor was here yesterday, figured out all the estimates, called the direct number from my phone and was put on hold for 50 minutes before anyone even answered him.

Then Sears gave him a hard time about itemizing and put him on hold again. A contractor will not be put on hold! He gave me the phone and left. I told Sears that this is not someone that is subcontracting with them, this is someone working with me.

Sears insisted that the contractor call them back even when I offered his cell number for them to call him. There is no way this contractor is going to call them again, nor is his company going to itemize things the way their subcontractors do. The Sears rep wanted nothing to do with me yesterday even though I had all the information in front of me that he needed. He insisted the contractor call him back.

Well, here it is December 2nd. I live near Lake Ontario at the bottom of a steep hill. If I don't get a furnace installed in the next 5 days, I could literally be without central heat all winter. I'm using 2 space heaters.

I ended up financing the furnace. And CANCELLING the home warranty next week when I feel like being put on hold for another hour.

I'd like my money back from the last 7 months of payments, but probably won't get it. What a crock!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $6992.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Cons: Dreaded hour wait every time you try to call them.

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By the end of January, Sears (Cross Country is the subcontractor they use for their home warranty) stopped answering any of my attempts to communicate with them. Yet they continued to charge my account for the monthly fee.

I ended up filing a complaint with their local Better Business Bureau in early February. After receiving this complaint, Cross Country immediately contacted me.

Another 7 weeks later and I received a check for the total cost of the furnace, which I deposited today. Assuming the check clears, I can now pay off the loan I was forced to take out to cover the expense in early December.Lesson learned.