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I have attempted on 2 different occasions to resolve a problem that I have with

a $1,000.00 product I purchased from your company directly, online and had

delivered. The product is your Top-of-the-Line foam mattress, Queen size #5610,

Imperial #64003, manufactured by Sealy 12/2007.

This product was advertised and sold with a 10 YEAR, No Pro Rata, Exchange

Warranty. We've had it for 2 years and the problem with it is the ability to

SUPPORT OUR BODY WEIGHT after a year and a half. That is what a mattress is

supposed to do. When we first called to exercise our warranty we got the

runaround with calling 3 different 800 numbers, dropped transfers, wrong

department, etc. When we finally got a correct phone number and spoke with a

CSR, we were forced to jump through so many hoops to provide your company with

erroneous "proof" that there was nothing wrong with the mattress. It is designed

to SUPPORT BODY WEIGHT. Un-weighted it looks fine, but it is not for decoration,

it's to SLEEP ON. I weigh 195, my wife weighs 115. We're not over weight yet

after the first 18 months the mattress no longer supported our bodies like it

did when we bought it. I was forced to tear down & photograph our bed frame, (a

Thomasville, Oak Sleigh Bed with supports) the box spring and the mattress with

a straight edge and ruler. That's fine if you want to measure a dent in a solid

object like a dishwasher or a mattress with STEEL FRAME & SPRINGS but totally

irrelevant on a FOAM MATTRESS. I sent in the photos via fax as instructed and

after 2 weeks without hearing a word from Sears I started calling in to check

the status. Several calls later I was told the photos were not of a quality that

could show the straight edge and ruler clearly, this time I was sent

instructions, thanks for letting me know, so I tore everything down again, took

more photos and emailed them in. 2 weeks later, still without a word from Sears,

I called in to follow up. I was told by the CSR that there was nothing wrong

with my mattress, amazing you can tell that from a picture. Let me state again,

You sold me this mattress to SLEEP ON, not to store my bed linens on. It looks

great when there is no weight on it but a bed sheet, after all, it is FOAM

RUBBER. When either or both of us put our bodies on it, the mattress becomes a

funnel and drags our bodies into the center. We purchased this mattress because

we wanted a FIRM, FOAM sleeping surface and it was for 18 months. It eliminated

our aches and pains from the 10 year old spring mattress it replaced. We were

happy, for 18 months. When I finally spoke to CS "Manager" named Christopher,

that rejected my photos and said they proved there was nothing wrong with my

mattress I attempted to explain that a HEIGHT measurement doesn't represent its

ability to support WEIGHT and that is not an accurate way to determine the

condition of the thing I bought to SLEEP ON. Even a broken clock is correct

twice a day, that doesn't mean it's not broken! He was VERY INSULTING, and

couldn't care less about my request for a warranty replacement. It has a 10

YEAR, NO PRO RATA WARRANTY. I didn't want my money back, just a replacement

under the stated warranty. He refused and treated me with disrespect. I am the

customer, I may not always be right, I am ALWAYS THE CUSTOMER. I wasn't asking

him to pay for it out of his pocket, just process the paperwork and fulfil you

obligation to your customer. We requested a service rep from one of your

locations to please come and lay on this thing, he told us to bring it to a

store. It's not a defective clothes iron, it's a Queen Sized Mattress and I have

a 2 seater car. Every morning we wake with aches and pains that we don't have

when we sleep somewhere else. Please, PLEASE, contact me and MAKE THIS RIGHT. I

have the tags and specs from the mattress stapled to the warranty card. I'm not

making this up! Please respond.

Thank you,

John Stiles

Summerville, SC

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It is geniuses like Rob that are the problem. How can a mattress that is nearly new not be defective???

The magic 1 ½ “ is part of the scam. The cover will pull up even if the mattress is down.

Shame on Sears and all of these crooked tactics.

The mattresses they made 10 years ago did not have these problems. Cheep material does not mean a cheaper price. Rip Off, Rip Off, Rip Off!!!!!

I can say this, because I have been fighting this myself.

We got two bad mattresses, they won’t do anything about mine either.

I have seen how they treat customers first hand, and realize I can’t win.

I will however tell as many people about this as I can. You should too. I wish I had been told about this before I bought.

I promise I will never buy anything from Sears again. I am hoping for them to go completely out of business. This is better than they deserve!!! I hope I am helpful towards that end.



John I service mattresses for all the major stores and manufactors, They all require a dent over 1 1/2 inches deep to consider it defective. Trust me when I tell you IF there is something wrong with your mattress, it will sag unweighted over 1 1/2".

The bed has broken in and conformed to your usage (which is normal usage and normal conforming)it is too soft for you at this time but it doesn't mean it's defective.

It's just no longer a good match for you. It will bow and sag if defective.

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