Midland Park, New Jersey

ihave been dimissed from the store from my job by an attacking way from assistant maneger called (jim) it was in friday 12/26/14 . 10am iwas by myself at the register from 7am til 10 i asked ruth who works at the office upstair to cover meto take break which it should be after but as usual she slammed the phone by telling me u should be after 2 hrs but istarted 7am it eans 3 hrs but she slammed the phone by telling me u should take your break afer 5 hrs which is unbelivable .then she came down afer that while im telling dont slamm the phone again on my face (jim) jumped scremming asking me to leave the store by telling leave the store , go home go home right now . at the end of may 2014 asked him for help at the rgister he hold me from my shoulder in an assulting way and pushed me away iwas about to fall and my shoulder got bruises iwrote acomplaint and gave to (ed callen ) the tore maneger asked him to send it to the company but ed tried to solve it in the store since that day jim was trying to revenge .now he through me out of my job and idont know where im now myname is :( hoda gad) my associate n is 7476 idid my best for this store since istarted to work iopened more than 400 credit card in 3 monthes but am been treating badly

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