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My daughter built a new home recently and bought all her appliances through Sears. We did this when we built our new home and had no problems.

She has been lied to about delivery dates which have delayed getting her refrigerator and stove now for about 2+ months. People need their purchases and when promises are made they should be kept. If they cannot deliver, they should give the customer the next higher appliance in that area. At the very least they should return to the customer at least $10 per day for the delaying of their promised order.

It makes me sick that you can take their money and not return the goods which they purchased. They also bought a new tread mill, that when delivered was broken, that has been about a month ago, and they have not given them a new one to replace it. If they keep this up with other customers, I would say that no one should be shopping at Sears when they have become this unreliable.

Beware customers!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Poor customer service, Lack of product support, Poorly trained staff, Lack of answers, Product quality.

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Sounds familiar. Have the same problem in Southern California.

Losing rent money and construction delay costs due to delay in appliances that were ordered almost 3 months ago. Just now told they won't deliver the fridge I've paid for and the extended warranty...they haven't reversed those charges...just a "sorry". fridge is available from other sources but at much higher cost. Sears has told us to go buy the fridge for more money from another source but won't cover difference.

And they still won't offer a refund/credit.

Class action in the making?

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