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I bought a new dishwasher from Sears for my first new home. This was the Sears as Bramlea City Center. At the time of purchase, I was told to call a number (store provided) to confirm delivery of the washer. A week later, I called as requested to find out. The Number told me they were the delivery and I should ask the Warehouse about the pickup. They gave me a number. I called the number, they said I should call the store to confirm the delivery. I called the store - and you get the picture.

This happened two days in a row.

At which point, I was furious. I went over to the store. The store manager never bothered to come out. I demanded and got a full refund. I also let people know WHY I wanted a full refund.

A year later I got a call from Sears telling me the dishwasher I had bought was due for a service and I should call and schedule for one!

I don't even HAVE a dishwasher from Sears anymore.

Unfortunately - this level of inept customer service seems to be a sears Canadian thing, as I have shopped for years at Sears in the US and nothing like this has never happened to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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