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Update by user Jun 19, 2018

Sears replaced the refrigerator after a complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau.

Update by user Jun 19, 2018

Sears responded to the complaint I filed with the Better Business Bureau - it was this that made Sears decide to correct this situation. Thanks to the BBB my refrigerator has been replaced, 8 weeks after the 3rd breakdown. I'm glad this is over, and will not shop Sears again.

Update by user May 27, 2018

I filed a complaint with the attorney general and Better Business Bureau on May 20th. No response from either, except that they received my complaint.

I received a response from shc@customerservice.com (Sears). They have nothing to offer but scripted responses, and won't answer any of my questions. It appears they are the same clowns I've been dealing with by phone.

I was told I would get a "sooner service request" which ended up being the 29th that was originally scheduled. Even though I emailed them pictures of both parts, they are sending a technician to verify the parts are incorrect.

Update by user May 18, 2018

05-18-2018 Update: My 2nd replacement part arrived on the 17th. I opened it to discover I was shipped an identical part to the first.

I now have 2 evaporator coils that won't work with my refrigerator. You can see in the photos the part numbers are the same. I spoke with Sears and was told I have to wait until May 29th for a repair technician to verify the part is incorrect. I offered to send my pictures but the manager wasn't interested, although she thanked me for my willingness to cooperate.

So my warranty expires Monday the 21st, I have to take a 6th day off work, and probably a 7th to hopefully get this repair completed. I am currently exploring options with the Better Business Bureau and the Indiana Attorney General.

Update by user May 11, 2018

05-11-2018 Update: Part was received on April 30th, and I had to wait until May 11th for the repair. The technician arrived and we discovered the part that was shipped is wrong.

It won't physically fit the refrigerator.

So now another part is on order, and the next available repair date is May 29th. Unbelievable.

Original review posted by user Apr 25, 2018

December 24th 2017 my Kenmore Elite 795.74023.411stopped cooling. (service order number 40500465) It took Sears until Jan 16th, 2018 to replace the compressor.

Two weeks later the refrigerator stopped cooling again. Feb 8th, 2018 a technician came out to repair a freon leak (order number 000840940512329) .

Two months later the refrigerator stopped cooling again. Today, a technician came out and determined an evaporator coil was needed (order number 000840940539677). The technician left without re-assembling the refrigerator. There were parts left all over my counters. I called various support numbers, 800-479-5899, 800-795-5030, 844-553-6667 and spoke with at least 6 technicians and 2 "managers" who all told me they couldn't send the tech back to re-assemble the refrigerator, and the needed part would not be expedited. I'm expected to wait for another 2.5 weeks with parts in my kitchen until Sears can replace the coil.

I can only hope this will repair the refrigerator, as the warranty expires May 21st. I was told by a phone rep the part could have been ordered with 1-2 day shipping as an "emergency" but this option was not selected. The managers told me they could not expedite or edit the shipping type. Nor will they send anyone back to clean up their mess. It's my opinion Sears is dragging out the repair as long as possible so I am no longer eligible for the "No Lemon Guarantee". Right now the repairmen are throwing parts at the problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2676.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Sears Cons: Long delays for repair appointments and very slow shipping, Several days off work to deal with repair appointments.

  • Lemon appliance
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Sears has no consideration for their customers! They should be forced to close all their stores.

It is impossible to contact customer service in the U.S. All calls are routed to the Philippines andthey are not able to help, they mess upthings even more.I cannot understand how the BBB rates Sears a B+ business w/almost 14,000 complaints.


I agree - do not buy anything from Sears that has any type of warranty- they are going out of business at this time - so don't get hood winked from them and buy a extended warranty from them. you will just lose ur money - one fine morning you will hear on news Sears is no longer - a company that once stood alone above the rest and the number crunchers collapse the company by being blinded by greed-