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Have you ever thought of buying extended warranty for your appliances at Sears? If you have, think twice before you act, or you may end up with a story similar to mine.

I bought all my kitchen appliances at Sears last December, and they are, as of this date, still under manufacturer's warranty. When I found that my range was not working properly, I called Sears Customer Service, and the lady who answered the phone told me that she would send a technician to my place to check it out, and had the appointment scheduled for me on November 18, between 5-8pm. However, because I live alone and I only finish work at 5:30pm, and it takes me at least 45 minutes to get home from work, I specifically asked to have the technician come over after 6pm (only because I have an understanding boss and I know that she would let me leave around 5pm because of this). The lady told me that she would note this down so that the technician would only come after 6pm at my request.

Then, the day before November 18, another lady from Sears called me and informed me that my appointment had been cancelled, and she would re-schedule it for November 24, again, between 5 and 8. I was okay with postponing the appointment date, but then I reiterated that I wanted it after 6pm, as there is no way I would be home by 5. The lady then said that she could see the note on my file, and they would have it arranged accordingly.

On November 23rd, a lady from Sears called me to confirm the appointment the next day between 5-8. I, again, told her that I would not be home until 6pm, and asked her to verify the note on my file. She said she could see it, and said that they would try their best to be there after 6pm. On November 24th, I left work at 5pm and got home before 6. When I checked my voicemail, I was angry because the technician left me a message and said that he was at my place at 5:07pm and since no one was there, he was unable to service my range.

I then called Sears Customer Service immediately and told the representative the story, and he said he would have another appointment scheduled for me on December 2. Of course, I repeated that I wanted the technician to come over only after 6, and I also requested to speak to a supervisor just to make sure that my instructions would be followed this time. However, the guy refused to let me speak to a supervisor, and said that he would send an "email" to escalate the issue to the supervisor of my local servicing branch instead.

On December 2, I left work at 5pm again and got home before 6pm. Then, around 7pm, the technician from Sears called and told me that there was a "mechanical problem" with his truck and he would not be able to show up that evening. He suggested that someone else come over to my place Saturday, December 4th, morning between 9:30am-1pm instead. I agreed, though I was kind of shocked that they offer weekend service, which I had never been informed about.

Surprise, surprise, I waited all morning at home till 1pm on December 4 and no one from Sears ever showed up. I was furious and I picked up the phone and called Sears Customer Service around 1:10pm, when I told the representative about the technician not showing up that day, she told me that my appointment was initially scheduled for Friday, December 3, between 8am-8pm, and the technician could not service my range because I was not home that day!!! I was going insane that I was speechless for a while. I then told her my side of the story... Again, she re-scheduled another appointment for me on December 7, between 5-8. I, again, emphasized that I would not be home until 6pm, and she reassured me that she had it noted down.

On December 7, I got a call around 4:30pm, when I was still at work. It was the technician from Sears, and he informed me that he would be at my place in about half an hour. I plainly told him that there would be no way I could make it home within 30 minutes even if I were to leave work immediately. (And, how can I ever ask to leave work that early?) I asked if there would be any way he could go to my place later that day, and of course, the answer was negative. As one can imagine, I was extremely mad and I called Sears Customer Service right after I hung up with the technician. The representative tried to help but she could not do much, so she transferred my call to the "second level customer support". The lady that I spoke to at the "second level" appeared to be helpful, and she called my local service branch while putting me on hold. When she came back on the phone with me, she indicated that she had everything sorted out for me so that the technician would show up at my place only after 6pm. I was very delighted about her service (at least at that time), and I left work almost immediately after getting off the phone with her as it was already 5pm.

So, I managed to get home before 6pm and waited. At 8:30pm, I was starving and frustrated, no one had yet shown up. So, I called Sears Customer Service, and requested to speak to the "second level support" after 10 minutes of wait. The guy who answered the phone gave me "the direct number (1-866-712-5008)" for the "second level support" to call, and when I asked to be transferred to that number, he said that he could not transfer me due to some technical issues with the call transfer function, and he told me to call that number myself. So, I got off the phone with him and tried that number. A record message confirmed that I was calling Sears, but the ridiculous part was that it was mentioned that their office was closed, and that their office hours were from Monday to Friday, 7am to 10pm ET... It was not even 9pm ET on a Tuesday when I called them! I was more than pissed at that time and I had no choice but to call back the "regular" Sears Customer Service line.

To save my time, I requested to speak to the "second level support" again, and when I asked if there is any "direct number" to contact the "second level support," I got a negative answer. (So, I was fooled by the "sun of the beach" the first time...) When I got connected to the "second level support," I thought I was finally going to receive some help, but I was totally wrong. The lady by the name of Patty (she refused to give me her last name for fear that I would file a formal complaint against her) was totally not helpful, to say the least. When I told her my story and how I had requested for a post-6pm service, instead of apologizing for the inconvenience, she bluntly told me "you should make yourself available when you have an appointment"! I could not help but yelled at her, as I believe that I had already put a lot of effort into making myself available, it was only that they had never cared about their customers. She then continued and tried to tell me their scheduling policy, and said that the service branch usually plans their service route the day before the appointment. Yeah right, how many times had I repeated that I would not be home before 6pm? And if they had any sort of planning at all, they could have arranged to service other places before mine. She subsequently told me that she would send an "email" to my local service branch manager and request them to call me within the next two days.

I waited for almost a week and no one ever cared to call. So, on December 13, I called Sears Customer Service again. I said a few words about my horrible experience I had with them and the lady started to throw at me their "policies" again. By that time, I had no more energy to fight with them and I simply asked her to shut up and just schedule an appointment for me, as I would have a week off. So, the appointment is scheduled for today, between 12-4pm and it is now 2:35pm, and here I am waiting. I am hoping that the technician will show up today.

Ironically, I got a call from Sears yesterday, a telemarketer trying to sell me their extended warranty as my manufacturer's warranty for all my kitchen appliances is expiring soon. I told the lady outright that I was not interested, but she continued on and on, until I told her that I was extremely upset with the lack of service that I am receiving from them.

I still have to see if they would charge me for fixing the range before I can comment on that part (I would not be surprised if that would happen from all the posts I have read about Sears so far...) The bottomline is, if you have a regular full-time job working Monday to Friday or if you have better things to do than to wait at home and end up getting ditched, DO NOT BUY extended warranty from Sears. If at all possible, avoid buying anything that comes with warranty at Sears.

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I agree with your assessment 100% and only wish I had read this before I bought an extended warranty from Sears on my washer. Trying to get it fixed has cost me more money than buying two new washers.

Sears ordering and scheduling departments are worthless! I will never buy as Sears again.

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