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I have a kitchen full of new GE appliances. We have replaced our microwave, range, fridge and dishwasher within the past year.

The only item without a problem is the microwave. The range and fridge were delivered defective, cosmetic defects which the delivery team pointed out to us. GE "kindly" replaced the fridge doors and range top, no new appliances, though we thought we had purchased NEW items. The dishwasher has had five going on six service calls and GE customer service has grudgingly said they will send me a letter of commitment after service cal.

Number six. They have refused to replace the unit. I am beyond angry as one rep, not the one who is assigned our case, told me if I were his customer, he would have replaced the unit long ago.

I am ready to sue someone and the final straw is broken and GE has lost our business forever.

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