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I placed an order for the 41912 washer along with a stacking kit, and hoses. My order was cancelled the first time with a no reply email after spending a large amount of money at Sears and just a "chat online if you have questions".

After chatting online, there was a "technical issue" with processing the order and I was assured that this would never happen again. I placed the order again and 2 days later it was cancelled again. I then talked on the phone with useless sales people while they assured me it wouldn't get cancelled and placed the order for me -- not including the hoses (which I said I needed about 5x). The next day I realized the "case manager" made a mistake and then called back to get them added on.

Then they told me that I couldn't add it on and would have to purchase it myself. I cancelled the entire order. I went into an actual store hoping they might be able to help me but they couldn't honor the original price of course because the price had now gone up online. I finally had the order placed again through a case manager.

I had the washer delivered. They didn't install it even after I was told by in store sales people and people on the phone that I didn't need to pay for install because it was just a hose hookup. Oh and they wouldn't stack the washer and dryer for me because I bought the matching dryer 2 months earlier and not at the same time as the washer. I finally did all the install and realized they never even refunded me my full amount on one of the orders SEARS cancelled on me.


The ONLY reason I stuck with them so long is because I already had the matching dryer and wanted to stack it. I hope they go out of business as soon as possible so no one has to deal with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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