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Hired Sears to remodel our kitchen on 12/6/2017. Problems with EVERYTHING!

1) Time frame: we contracted with Sears on December 6, 2016. At the time, we were told it would take 4 to 6 weeks for COMPLETION of the kitchen remodel (which would have made it mid-January), with an absolute completion of no later than "the first week of February." We were not happy with this time frame to begin with as we wanted the kitchen done NOW, not weeks later. But since the cabinets did need to be made, we agreed to that time frame. However, the kitchen was not started until 14 WEEKS later, huge time frame difference!

And it was NEVER completed! We have issues that need to be fixed. 2) STRESS: My 71 year old mother (the one who wanted the kitchen done) and I both have medical conditions that require we avoid stress at all costs. We went to Sears for the remodel because we did not want the stress of a typical remodel as neither one of us is supposed to get stressed out.

Instead this has been an absolute nightmare, inducing migraines, blood pressure episodes and panic attacks! The delays and shoddy work were bad enough, but the fact that Sears negligence with the wiring of the dishwasher could have BURNED OUR HOUSE DOWN cause my mother and I to both have stress induced episodes! And it just keeps on going! 3) Communication: We were assured that we would be kept up to date with everything during the entire process.

That did not happen at all. When the 4 to 6 weeks came and went with no word from Sears, I had to call, repeatedly, trying to find out when the work would be done. Instead of getting answers, I got a whole lot of "we don't know." It was upsetting and infuriating! I wanted to cancel the work right then and there!

Instead I was assured time and again, that we would be given priority. Since it took 14 weeks for any work to be done, we obviously were NOT given priority! And it just got worse and worse! 4) Promises not kept: To add to the nightmare, there have been issues from the get go.

We told Sears about our $4000 water system up front and were assured by Jack Knight that it would not be an issue. Then it was an issue! They refused to put the system back in and after a lot of arguing they finally did put it back in. More stress!

We were told our uneven ceiling would not be an issue as the cabinets would be trimmed out to the ceiling. The cabinets were trimmed, however they are NOT trimmed to the ceiling, there is a large, awful looking gap between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets. When I objected, I got told Sears does not touch the ceiling and we would need to have someone else out to do something about the gap! We were told the paneling behind the old cabinets would be removed and new dry wall would be put up as the back splash would need the new drywall.

Nope. Paneling was left up and small sections of drywall were put up over the paneling (shoddy work). One of our outlets was covered by the new cabinets (should have been moved and we had been told it would be moved) and I had to remind the workmen they should have moved the outlet prior to installing the cabinets after they had already covered up the outlet! (more shoddy work).

We were told that Sears has their own work force and does not contract out to sub-contractors. Not so much, instead sub-contractors are who showed up to do the work. We were assured Sears would do all clean up. Nope, the kitchen sink and other debris were left for us to dispose of at additional expense.

They did however, throw out our DOOR BELL RECEIVER, which we now have to replace. The stove was left unplugged when the workmen left, a minor inconvenience but just another indication of the lack of attention our project got! 5) Additional ISSUES: Dishwasher wiring done incorrectly as to be a fire hazard! For 3 weeks the dishwasher was wired wrong and was a direct fire hazard.

Sears was notified immediately about the bad wiring job and made NO attempt to fix it. Instead I had to find an outside electrician to fix it. My mother had a panic attack when we discovered it could have burned our house down! Since she is recovering from having 3 strokes already, this was NOT good for her health!

Drywall work now needs to be done to fix what the electrician had to do to our walls in order to fix the dishwasher wiring. We have holes in our living room and utility room . The living room drywall was recently installed and painted so as not have any patches in it. Now I have to find someone to fix the holes and repaint the wall.

Again, Sears made zero effort to attend to this. Our kitchen floor has been trashed. There are several cuts in the linoleum floor that were not there when this whole mess started. The cuts appear to be from moving the appliances over the floor with nothing underneath them.

We will now need to redo our kitchen floor, which we hadn't planned to do for several more years as the floor was just done two years ago with brand new linoleum. Another expense we had not planned on. One of the reason we originally contacted Sears to do the kitchen remodel was because it is difficult to find anyone to do work in our area. Now due to Sears incompetence and negligence, I have to find someone else to do fix the problems Sears has left.

Thus adding even more stress to this already bad situation. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General of West Virginia. Whole mess was turned over to Richard Volny at Sears, he offered us a discount of $3060 for the cost of the electrician we had to pay to rewire the dishwasher and for the inconvenience and promised Sears would fix the other issues. On October 2, 2017 the District General Manager, Shawn Gallagher, came out to our house and saw what needed to be done himself.

Conclusion of this visit was that Sears would not fix anything or complete the work, but would discount enough off the contract so that we could have the work completed by someone else. Mr. Gallagher told me he would give Richard Volny the numbers for the discounts and have him send me the settlement agreement. You'd think this would be the end of it, but nope.

Mr. Volny sends the settlement offer with a 10 day window, while I'm in the hospital (which he knew about), although that settlement never showed up at my house so who knows. I got notified that a settlement offer had been made through the Attorney General's office. When I notified Mr.

Volny that I never got it, he was rather sarcastic but did send another copy to me by email.

Imagine my dismay and shock to see the "settlement" shows only the $3060 discount we'd already been given and absolutely NOTHING to cover all the work that still needs to done. I refused this insulting settlement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Kitchen Remodeling.

Reason of review: Never completed, bad customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Never completed remodel, Shoddy work, Horrible customer service, Fire hazard.

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