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Based on my personal experience I would strongly recommend that you NEVER order form Sears online.

If you do be VERY aware of the following:

1) Do NOT believe the arrival dates shown on their website.

2) Be aware that they will bill your card immediately, NOT when the item(s) ship.

3) Should you choose to cancel the order they will NOT refund to your card immediately. It can take weeks.

4) Their customer service can barely speak and write English.

I ordered an item on Nov 27th which according to their website was to arrive Dec. 2nd to the 6th. When I didn't receive it I sent an email to their customer service asking for details on when it would arrive. I got a response that was obviously written by someone who did NOT know the English language. Here is what it said:

I am sorry to hear that your order is taking long time to deliver the item. I can understand how it feels while you have ordered an item and still you have not received yet.

Per our record, these items are shipped directly from the manufacturer to warehouse so it takes delay in shipping and the expected arrival date is on 12/09/2011 howeever if you do not receive your items within the time frame please get back to us we will work on it and assist you better.

So I waited. The item did NOT show up on the 9th. This time I called their customer service number, which when I was finally connected, I was speaking to a women I could barely understand. I told her that I would like to cancel my order. She informed me that she would do so BUT that the refund would NOT be STARTED until the item showed up at their warehouse. If I understood her correctly, which I am NOT sure of, I believe it is going to be shipped to me and I have to refuse the shipment. Then it would be returned to them. THEN they would start the process of refunding my money. Given that it hasn't shipped yet, I have NO idea when I might get it. I most likely will NOT be home to refuse it when it arrives. So I will have to figure out how to do that and most like take it somewhere to return it. Then who knows how long it will take them to get it and process the refund. ALL this time I do not have my item OR my money.

To be fair I have ordered from Sears before and never had this problem, BUT I can guarantee I will not have it in the future because I will NOT be ordering from them again. There are many more online vendors on the internet and none of the ones I have used have ever treated me like Sears did this time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Shipping Service.

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I am having the same problems.. I would write to the president.